Just get on with life

I was diagnosed with Genetic Cerebellar Ataxia about 7 /8 years ago.

My job involved a lot of talking, but apart from speech being difficult, my advice is just get on with life as best as you can.

I used to be a runner, (London Marathon twice Great North 4 times)

and countless others. I still" run" 3 times a week so please don't give up without a fight,even if you don't win at least you will have tried .It isn't what you have, it's how you deal with it.

I am 68 and refuse to lie down just yet.

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  • Brilliant lovely to hear. You are definitly someone to look up to. My partner loves his fitness and I hope when he does start to get his symptoms in the future he has the same mindset as you. His family start to get symptoms at 60 I'm hoping this is the same for him . Sca 6.

  • Good to hear,do all you can to help him keep fit.

    I balance on a semi circular ball (very badly) on one leg ,a minute each leg, and each minute seems like a lifetime,He will find exercises like that will strengthen his core and hopefully help. As far as speech goes, I know what I've said, therefore the problem is not mine.Actually it can be quite fun watching people pretend they understood you,so you can say whatever you want, nobody actually understands you.

    Good luck

  • Fantastic way of thinking, hard however so true. I find pilates helps 😊

  • Both myself and my wife go to the gym 3/4 times a week, she does yoga and Pilates all the time and I am sure it would definitely help but I'm afraid ( although I use the gym ) I don't do any classes, I wouldn't look good in a leotard anyway.


  • Hi lola261184 I was interested in your partner's diagnosis of SCA 6 as our family also seem to develop symptoms of this type in their early 60's shall we compare notes?

  • Hi would love to chat to you too hope you are well x

  • How can I help ?


  • I myself was diagnosed with Ataxia ,genetic late onset, and my advice is that as you don't stop doing anything that you do, maybe alter HOW you do it, but NOT stopping doing it.

  • Love your attitude keep up the good work I will never stop

  • Kudos to you! ;o)

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