Anyone have experience with Fish, for mobility scooter insurance?

I have finally taken the plunge and have ordered a mobility scooter. I was number one hundred and one on the waiting list so it will be a few weeks before I get it.

In the meantime have started investigating mobility scooter insurance and there seem to be very few firms offering this.

One of them, PremierCare by Marks Bates Ltd (MBL) offer a good deal, but have an exclusion which makes it unsuitable for me. If you keep your scooter in the boot of your car, and the car is not kept in a lock up garage, the exception applies. I noticed elsewhere on this forum that someone had a problem with this so I have been specifically checking.

Fish (insurance) don't seem to have a problem with this according to the chap I spoke to on the phone.

But, I wanted to ask in case anyone had some experience and could advise.

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UPDATE from Fish Insurance (this is after some of the posts)

* * * * *

Your scooter would be covered if locked in your car. Your car does not have to be in a locked place of storage. We consider your car to be a locked place of storage.

Kind regards


Angela Moreton | Claims Team Leader

Fish Insurance

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  • Supplementary question:

    How important is this insurance? Do you have it?

    What about an extended warranty? I will probably not get one, but wondered what people's experience was.

  • Hello Wyndham, The insurance is not a legal requirement but is strongly advised that you do take out insurance.

    When I was looking into getting an Electric Chair I was strongly advised to take out insurance.

    It was going to cost me £99 for a years (12 months) cover. which is pretty cheap.

    I`ve looked at "Fish" online and they Okay in my books.

    Make sure they give you "24 hour recovery break down service"

    Give them a ring and have a chat with them :-)

  • By the way Wyndham, Insurance also covers, loss, breakdown, fire, theft, injury to other person(s).


    I have asked both MBL and Fish to send me copies of their 'fine print', and it turns out both have similar restrictions: A scooter left in a car, which is not itself in a locked garage, is only covered for the first hour.

    In other words, if you go to a shopping centre or a restaurant and leave your scooter in the boot - maybe you get parking next to the door and the place you are going to is really close - the insurance only covers the scooter for the first hour while parked.


  • How many people are going to be able to steal a scooter if it is near a restaurant though? How are you getting the scooter in the car, if you have a motability vehicle they are good for grants.

  • Some mobility scooters can be disassembled (taken apart) into five or six parts making it relatively easy to put into the boot of a car. Some parts still weigh a bit, but it is manageable.

    These hypothetical thieves probably wouldn't even know there was a scooter in the boot - it would likely be the car they are stealing.

  • Before car alarms were the norm, we had our car broken into when it was on the drive, in a small

    cul de sac, somewhere we felt very safe.

    It's surprising what thieves are tempted by, on another occasion, my car was broken into and the

    only thing taken was the actual handset from an in-car phone! Most of them aren't very bright, but

    the damage to a vehicle and the emotional upset caused can take some coming to terms with.

    Often, insurance companies have us over a barrel, we need peace of mind but they always

    cover their backs. Cover for an hour seems very mean. xB

  • Please note the update from Fish Insurance which I have also pasted into the original question as I considered their reply and clarification to be important.

    * * * *

    Your scooter would be covered if locked in your car. Your car does not have to be in a locked place of storage. We consider your car to be a locked place of storage.

    Kind regards


    Angela Moreton | Claims Team Leader

    Fish Insurance

  • Ive got wheelchair and electric wheelchair covered y fish, great for speedy repairs when I accidentally hit our wall and damaged front of chair. Also had holiday insurance this year too!

  • Thanks Pinkpiglet - just the sort of news I was wanting to hear.

    I have to also give credit to the Team Leader from Fish who didn't give up on me in the email conversation. That was good pre-sales service, and an indication of generally customer service.

  • So Wyndham, it looks like happy days! I hope you don't have to wait too long! xB

  • Oh dear. Now the long wait... :)

  • I wish you Good Luck Wyndham :-)

  • Hi, I have just found this topic after searching the internet for mobility scooter insurance.

    I get my car with a hoist fitted in a few days, so want to get insurance for the usual things but also to cover it being left in the back of the car overnight.

    I don't want to bring it in the house unless I need to recharge the battery indoors. As I will get the scooter in and out of the car with a hoist, it won't be dismantled (to hide it more).

    For instance if I go out in the evening for a short trip and I will be going out early the next morning, I don't see the point in bringing it inside.

    Has anyone else found insurance that will cover this?


  • If you read the first post you will see the answer...

  • Yes I did read the first post but I was hoping that there might have been an update.

    Some people seem to get a kick out trying to make other people feel stupid!

    Thanks for your reply!

  • I've just been looking into insurance and have decided on bluebadgemobilityinsurance..... They seem to be the cheapest and have good cover. After seeing your post I checked about leaving the scooter in a car and they cover this as well. Worth a look.

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