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Mobility Insurance

For two years i have been with Fish Insurance and this time i have decided a change

This is why

1/ Policy £79

2/ Breakdown / Mobility extra £107

3 / Puncture Care repairs £9.99

4/ Key care £15

Everything seems to be about money ( why can"t they include it all in one off price )

Have you any preference to another Mobility Insurance EG Like / Regent Mobility i thought of Blue Badge any input would be great.

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Check with your house insurance most cover the liability and theft part already but get what they say in writing if you don't want to ask them write them a letter subtely ask for a reply but don't include a phone no or an email address


I will look at my house insurance and thanks for your input


my house ins covers me but not for recovery but as cannot do many miles and can breakdown to fit in car there is always someone to pick me up.


I can get a breakdown cover that will come and get me if i need it (Also thanks for your Reply) ...


Latest Update I rang Fish insurance up and they said you can get a cheaper Quote/Renewal online and that what i did .

The policy and breakdown is £87

I can also get a discount from DMUK (15%)

So in all it a possible solution

But thanks for all of your input on this Subject ........


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