Mobility Insurance

For two years i have been with Fish Insurance and this time i have decided a change

This is why

1/ Policy £79

2/ Breakdown / Mobility extra £107

3 / Puncture Care repairs £9.99

4/ Key care £15

Everything seems to be about money ( why can"t they include it all in one off price )

Have you any preference to another Mobility Insurance EG Like / Regent Mobility i thought of Blue Badge any input would be great.

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  • Check with your house insurance most cover the liability and theft part already but get what they say in writing if you don't want to ask them write them a letter subtely ask for a reply but don't include a phone no or an email address

  • I will look at my house insurance and thanks for your input

  • my house ins covers me but not for recovery but as cannot do many miles and can breakdown to fit in car there is always someone to pick me up.

  • I can get a breakdown cover that will come and get me if i need it (Also thanks for your Reply) ...

  • Latest Update I rang Fish insurance up and they said you can get a cheaper Quote/Renewal online and that what i did .

    The policy and breakdown is £87

    I can also get a discount from DMUK (15%)

    So in all it a possible solution

    But thanks for all of your input on this Subject ........

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