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Foldable mobility scooter recommendations

Hi, could anyone recommend a foldable mobility scooter that would fit into a car boot. I've had a test drive in a tga minimo plus but wanted to know what other people use please? I'm quite tall (5'9")with long legs! I want to use it for going to the shops, taking my little dog out and to go in the car when I go out with people. 

Many thanks Annn

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I use an Aquasoothe Elite . Mine is is second hand, as it is no longer made. I am 6 feet 4

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Thank you for the reply. I will keep researching 👍🏻


Solax mobie, which is very small

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Thanks for the reply I will have a look


Hi.  I have got a tga minimo plus and it is really good for indoors or outdoors

My wife and I can easily fold and unfold it for the car   I am over 6 foot and my big feet go easily either side of the steering frame    I bought it on the Internet and saved a lot of money

Does anyone want to buy a wheelchair with motor as I no longer need it !!?

Best wishes   Ted



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Thank you for your reply it's a big help


I have a pride gogo elite I am 6 feet tall my only gripe with it is I wish I had got the LX version with the suspension seat especially when I need the loo.


Thank you for your reply John I am in the process of researching all the suggestions👍🏻


Grrr, this ipad thing has lost what I'd already written...

Hello Daisy,

I'm 73, relatively recent cerebellar ataxia, 6' or so but not overweight at 12 stone.

I now have three mobility scooters:

First, a secondhand 'transportable' which dismounts into several awkward heavy parts which will load into a car, which now lives with our daughter's family some distance away. In use it's a normal 'shopping' general purpose scooter.

Second, my mother's generaxl purpose scooter which had been looked-after in the garage against this eventuality.

Third, a new Solax Smarti (there's some tie-up with Monarch in the UK who sell something identical but differently named) which can fold itself up or down with a tv-style remote. The novelty's not worn off yet, I demonstrate it to anyone who looks interested, especially kids!

It folds small enough to wheel like a suitcase onto a 'bus or train. It's a fairly new product, Monarch also do a Mobie and something else similar but they're hand-operated and I can see they'll soon be beyond me.

The transportable and the folder have 'solid' wheels, no worries about punctures but, well, a bit solid. Nothing to worry about though. Mom's are pneumatic and a bit bigger but of course a puncture is always possible, I shall get a rescue air-canister from a car shop.

The 'normal' scooters, my first and second, are bigger and heavier, better balanced but even so I've got to be careful on awkward slopes, for instance going up onto a pavement and at the same time turning left or right. One's dignity can only withstand so-much abuse! And dangerous, of course, on a street corner.

It has to be said that the folder is rather worse stability-wise because it's smaller. Although I'm 12 stone I'm a six-footer so my centre of gravity is quite high and I do need to read the road and ramps/turnings ahead and balance my body accordingly, I've taken several tumbles and I'd like to see more warnings in the paperwork. Alright if one realises...

These are all 4mph 'pavement' scooters, there are also 4/8mph for pavement/road use, much more stable, heavier duty, long distance, more expensive and sometime in the future when I see how this ataxia thing is going to go. But it would be lovely to not be restricted, essentially, to town streets.

A rather long post, sorry, but hopefully it'll be generally useful as I've tried to make it fairly comprehensive.

Regards, Ant


Thank you Ant this is helpful 👍🏻


Hello again Daisy,

I forgot to say that scooter suppliers generally seem to be prepared to visit you woth trial machines and certainly Monarch for my foldable have been excellent although they're based a good way from me.

There is a wide-spread franchise - I assume- which through its bulk-buy ability can do very good prices on a limited range of scooters, they were very helpful when I called but seemed unaware that there are folding, portable, scooters as well as the transportable, dismountable types.

There was a point made separately about insurance; I have insured these, separately, but I sha'n't do it again. Unless the thing is only left unattended momentarily it needs chaining to a post or whatever, I think that losses and liability would probably be covered by household insurance subject to checking, and the chances of total breakdown are very low as long as one keeps an eye on battery charge, so a taxi home would be cheaper!

Regards Ant


Great help cheers


Foldable scooter can b found at evrider, amazon, ebay, etc...


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