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Will I be able to renew my mobility car?

Just gone through the dreaded PIP switch from DLA assessment. Thankfully It went okay and managed to hold on to both my Mobility and care component allowances. The problem I have is that I was awarded the allowance for 4 years and my mobility car is due to be returned in two years time. As I will only have two years PIP left after returning the car how will it work out getting another mobility car? I believe you needed to have at least three years DLA before being eligible for the car. If the same rules apply for PIP will this mean that I will lose the car? I don't drive as I no longer hold a driving licence but my wife uses and drives the car for me.

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Sorry I have no idea but well done on assessment!

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No idea, what was Motability's reply? One thing you could do is buy your PIP car afterwards. Whatever car is used, it may be eligible for zero VED (car RFL).

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Haven't contacted motability yet Nick. Should have asked them first I guess. I'll do that now and get back to you.


I have looked at the Motability website and they have:-

I think the bit that is important to you is:-

To be eligible to join the Motability Scheme, you need to receive one of the following mobility allowances and you must have at least 12 months’ award length remaining. Please note that the Attendance Allowance cannot be used to lease a car through the Scheme.

Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA)

As of 12 April 2017, this allowance is £58.00 per week.

Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)

As of 10 April 2017, this allowance is £58.00 per week.

As it says you must have at least 12 months award remaining you should be OK. But might be worth giving them a quick call.


Thanks for this info tonykaye. I have been looking at the mobility site and have been unable to find this info/page. I'll now need to check the exact date my PIP is due to end. Thanks again.


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