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Silly little setbacks!

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I've been doing a bit of sleuthing! As a rule I don't look at anything medical on Google, but I have had a sneaky feeling that I know the cause of many of my symptoms which have been confirmed with a blood test. What with having blood transfusions, iron, magnesium and other such things, I deduce low B12. That has happened before and I was on tablets, but they do not prescribe them anymore, so I will have to ask if I qualify for the injections. I have had other setbacks, but I am trying hard to motivate the drawing.

My Grandson wants a tattoo of Fidget, so I have started just a small drawing of him with not too much detail. It is hard because gazing upon him makes me so sad. It is still in the early stages as you can see,

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You r very talented x

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It's a great drawing can't wait to see it finished. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Wow looks good.

Fidget is looking good, very life like already. Have you had a blood test showing low b12? My low b12 was picked up by a blood test ordered by my rheumatologist. I’d mentioned always feeling tired several times to my gp, but once they saw my blood test result, they offered b12 injections straight away - well as straight away as you can get a dr’s appointment! Good luck with your doctor.

Pete had B12 injections so worth asking. I do love your drawings, so very clever. I can understand how hard it must be to draw Fidget though. Such a lovely dog. Xxx💕

Beautiful x

I dont know why low b12 isnt picked up earlier as many older people suffer this and need the injections not tablets as our bodies dont always absorb this. Your drawing of Fidget is amazing even in the early stages. I can understand your upset but this may help you to grieve and get to a stage that you can look at him without too much upset and have happy memories x

Wow your sketch looks just like Fidget You’re very talented xx

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Gladwyn in reply to watergazer

Agreed! You are so talented. 🪴

If your B12 is very low then having the injections will certainly help. Hope you will show us the finished picture of Fidget, looking good xxx

That's a beautiful drawing . Fidget has such soulful eyes.

That’s a lovely drawing you have coming along there.

Wow great drawing you are very talented 🙂

Great drawing. Would love to see it when finished. Injections of b12 gets into your system quicker than tablets so hopefully you will be offered injections. I have a greyhound. They are lovely dogs. My previous greyhound passed away in 2019. I wasn't going to get another but couldn't resist.

I am desperate for another greyhound. I had the surgery so that I could once again be a responsible slave! My surgery called today to arrange a blood test. If I am deficient, which I think I am, then I will probably be offered the injections. Hooray.

Thank for your drawing of Fidget. You are very talented. I hope that you can get the injection and feel improved very quickly.

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