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upto now I've done pretty well for a 68 (aaaarrrrggghhh) year old. However, been on Prednisone for a few years and have developed OsteoA in my right knee. Surgeon says he will do a full knee replacement but I'm pretty unconvinced about surgery. The main pain is sometimes the outer bones grate and give a shooting pain. Just wondering is there anything easier than FKR or can anyone recommend a good knee brace to give stability and relief.


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Hi KCRoyals,

My husband used McDavid Sport Med Brace (from Academy Sports) which helped tremendously. He absolutely refused to have FKR because he knew 3 people who had it done and they still had pain. For this reason, he went with stem cell therapy on both knees 2 months ago. The severe pain in his knees disappeared right after the procedure. He was able to walk the next day. At his 6 week follow-up visit, he had 80% improvement in one knee, and 50% in the other. The surgeon said it could be 4-6 months for complete healing. My husband, who is a pharmacist, said that you should try to get off the prednisone as soon as you safely can (not cold turkey). Long term use is detrimental to the body. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.



My partner's daughter who is German had stem cell therapy, in Hamburg, on her knees. Worked really well. Just wondering if there's some kind of age limit for this. Thx for the reply.


No age limit that we are aware of. Best bet would be to contact a qualified physician (Dr Kevin Darr in Covington, Louisiana, is a research practitioner who’s groundbreaking work is well known. He has patients from all over the world flying in for his treatments, including my husband. His office would be a good place to start with questions.)



Well if you are unconvinced get a second opinion .... and not from people on here who I suspect aren't orthopaedic surgeons. If osteoarthritis is the root cause of your problems the pain will become so intolerable you'll beg for a TKR.

I had a partial knee replacement in Nov '15 and was back at work on 26 Jan 2016 (in 11 weeks). At the time I was 71 and drove buses for a living. Still do, takes up to about 9 months to return to normal but you are pain free by 3 months .... that said we all heal differently and the healing process is directly proportional to the effort a patient makes with their exercises.


Having read the other posts, stem cell seems the way to go. Or a cortisone

Injection. Don’t stay on steroids, but you have to reduce slowly.


On steroids for PMR but now down to 3mg / day. Been told to keep well away from cortisone injections. The SCT sounds interesting.


Thx for the wonderful tips. Something to think about.


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