tooo much pain. total knee replacement

im asking anyone how did they manage there pain post op after knee replacement.... had my knee replaced 8 days ago, but cannot get on top of the pain! due to stomach being on fire after taking co codemol, im now on laxosomething for my stomach, and a lower dose of co codemol . but the pain is unbearable. is there anything else i can take to help with the pain?????

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  • Ask your doc for butrans patch morphine..I had terrible problems caused by pain killer. On same meds for stomach. This patch is like a large elastoplast good luck

  • thankyou, i just needed to know if this terrible pain lasts for ever, im on lansoproxile for my stomach now and thankfully i can take the stronger painkillers now. the patch would suit me better though.

  • Go back to your GP. I was given Oxycontin 20mg slow release tablets. 1 every 12 hours. You can also get a quick release tablet 5mg for spikes in pain. You have to be persistent with GP about the level of pain, don't be a hero when he asks about the level of pain. IF it's a 9 or a 10 say so.

    Has your pain increased since leaving hospital? Mine did as I tried to do more exercise. Ice and elevate helps and then alternate with heat and elevate. Most if all don't try and do too much. If it hurts afterwards then you did too much.

  • thankyou, i will talk to my gp. in hospital i was okay on the morphine. soon as i got home the pain is unbearable... ice pack does help. how long is it before the pain eases? 10 days today post op.

  • Don't take anti-inflammatories especially Naproxim ( poss wrong spelling ) . My husband was prescribed them and took them for almost 5yrs with out stomach protection . This has caused him to develop ulcers and an internal bleed followed by an angina attack it has also given him long term kidney problems. He also needs another kneejoint replacement in his other leg and dreading it

  • i cant take any inflammatorys, declofenic, naproxam. none of them. but when i first came home my stomach was on fire! omdays! thought i was having a heart attack on co codemol. ... thankfully its calmed down. but the pain in my knee is still horrendous.

  • Bill is the same he had is first op in 2010 and had a clot on his lung straight after and wasn't able to do the physio for a couple of weeks . We are putting the problem down to that? He tries and goes swimming regularly but now also has gout in his ankle possibly because he has over compensated walking on his better!!! leg .

  • how awful! poor man, its bad enough going through this at all without any complications on top... my other leg needs doing also. the consultant says 3 months after this one, but its put me off going through this again. just cant seem to get on top of the pain. co codemol isnt enough. hope he is well at the moment.

  • Hi just notice your reply. Bill has put off having his second knee done for 5 years but he is now forced to go on the list. We have got our GP to send a referal letter . With all the previouse complication and the result of his other one still being painfull we are not looking forward to it

  • i,ll bet. supposed to have my other one done 3 months after this one, but now i dont want it doing at all. just dont think i can cope going through this pain again...

  • Hi I had a replacement knee 7 yrs ago, the pain is awful I know especially for a whole week after op but I found that working through the pain with exercise really helped. They were amazed how much I could bend my knee wen I went back for a check up.

    Going to let u into my secret.

    Get ur self a lap tray yes u heard right

    Turn it up side down put on floor with padded side facing upward. The top of the tray is on floor facing downwards

    Sit on floor with ur back against settee

    But ur foot on padded part of try ( this stops ur foot moving or slipping on try

    Now with ur foot on tray and ur leg stretched out slowly bring ur leg ( still on tray) into ur bum, don't force the leg just slide it as far as u can up to ur bum and back straight again ( coz the tray is facing down on floor it helps slide ur leg backwards and forwards to u)

    Now wen I watched tv, I done this exercise as many times as I could u really do not notice ur doing it after a while, wen I returned back to hospital after 6 weeks, they measured my bent leg, it was 90% bent, they were shocked. I still do this exercise so the knee doesn't go stiff, hope this helps 😤😤🤗🤗

  • thats a brilliant idea, i do similar excercises with a contraption they gave me in hospital... but i have a padded lap tray so i will be doing that today. i was at physio yesterday and have some more gruelling excercises to do 4 times a day, as i get up at 5 in the morning [due to pain] i do my first lot then. heres hoping the pain will go soooooon.

  • im on week 3 post op, and seem frustrated as the swelling around the knee is hampering my excercises. i am doing my physio 4 times a day as told but still in so much pain when resting due to swelling. i ice my knee often, and massage with oils. just dont seem to be getting anywhere due to pain. how long does it take to get back to full mobility?

  • Hi, sorry u cannot put a time on it everyone's body is different, I found it better to also were elastic knee bandage only of a day (DONOT were it of a nite u will stop the circulation) also I bought a small heat pad and wrapped it around my knee I felt that the heat gave greater comfort, hope this helps.

  • it does help. thankyou, i will try it.

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