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R Arthritis “footgo”

I am male, seventy nine years, suffered from Arthritis since nineteen ninety nine. I have had two knee replacements, two hip replacements, left shoulder replaced. Right hand fused, unsuccessful, plate removed. All this since 2014. Right leg now shorter than left after right hip operation.

Awaiting further surgery to right shoulder.

Both feet, too painful to walk now, always swollen !

Unable to work or have any hobbies as both hands too painful to use.

My body cannot tolerate medications ie Methotrexate etc.

Any practical suggestions or tips ?

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Wow, the bionic man🌞, hello footgo .

First, congratulations on having survived so long with such a RA.

I use CBD/THC vape. This is not legal outside of Canada and some states. It does not affect pain directly but distracts you from thinking about it , which is far more effective. It also contains natural anti inflammatory. This has enabled me to avoid Steroids and NSAIDS.

I also have an ultraviolet sauna 🧖‍♀️ this is excellent for skin health, deep tissue and monochromatic light therapy. I also use biofeedback training which is a lifesaver.


Hi please could you tell me what is CBD/THC VAPE I have never heard of it but I live in the uk I have had rhumatoid arthritis for nearly 34 years new finger joints and toe joints but still suffer pain most days but you just learn to live with it regards cruise22


CBD oil and THC come from cannabis plant , however CBD has no euphoric affect but both are an excellent anti inflammatory. I am allergic to Naproxen. It has been the only thing to provide relief with no side effects. I have a prescription but it is now legal in Canada for everyone(or soon). The Insurance industry (Sunlife) will fund it as group benefit when prescribed. This has prompted a great deal of research on the medicinal benefits as well as potential risks. I also quit smoking so went from cannabis to oil vaporizer. It is far more cost effective and cleaner.

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Thank you so very much for your response to my RA problems Damaged, I live in the UK. I have spoken to my GP about CBD. His answer was that there was no proof it helped and you could not get it on the NHS. Not much help l am sorry to say. Very frustrating. Closed shop, in other words.

I live in constant chronic pain throughout my body nothing medically appears to help. My body does not like these very invasive medications, l have terrible reactions to most. I take 2.5mg of Prednisolone, l bruise very easily, my skin is extremely thin from years of taking Prednisolone. 200mg of Gabapentin daily for the nerve pain in my feet. I also take the one medication ( no side effects) that does seem to help the pain OxyNorm 5ml twice a day. I would like to take more but have been advised not to take too much.

Thank you again Damaged for your helpful response !



I so wish they could set political issues aside and make it available to everyone.

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Hi Footgo,

You can buy cbd oil legally here in uk (without the thc part),on capsule & vape form, even as a balm where I but it, I use it for anxiety & sleep problems in capsule form and shop online with CBD Brothers in Suffolk, you'll find a lot of help from them and people who've been buying from them for a long time. I can't tolerate nsaids & my system is over sensitive to most medications but I tolerate the cbd well. 🙂


Good morning Tiger Tea,

Thank you for the information on CBD Brothers in Suffolk. I will definitely look at their website this morning.

Wishing you a happy, pain free Bank Holiday Monday.


My partner suffered a major accident some years ago which severely damaged one hip, amongst other things. The docs gave him a cocktail of drugs with one to overcome the side effects of another. I think you know the drill. He tried some cannabis and was able to give up with all the other drugs completely. he found one'dose' a week was enough. Please note I am not recommending you flout the law, just giving info.


Thank you surruk51, very interesting, l wish your partner well and very pleased that he has been able to give up all his other drugs and just take cannabis once a week. I feel that is what we are all looking for, an escape from twenty four hour pain. Medical medication does destroy our bodies, guaranteed, long term. I always want to ask my doctors, “ would you take this medication that you are prescribing” , one day l will.

I have had four ANAPHYLACTIC shocks in the past few months from one or more of the medications l have been prescribed, none of my doctors know which one is causing this very unpleasant reaction . They are convinced it is not food related. My poor wife calls 999, shortly after we have an ambulance and a paramedic car parked outside our house. They pump me up with adrenaline and goodness knows what and rush me off to the A&E hospital. It normally happens in the evening, which does not help matters. At times l have had to stay in hospital, last Christmas Eve was the first time. I was very popular.

Thank you again surruk51 for your suggestion , l wish you and your partner well.


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, I too am limited on what medication I can take due to Crohns disease, but 200mg of Gabapentin daily seems a very low dose considering the level of your discomfort. It may be worth having a word with your gp to see if you can increase the dose as this is a medication your body seems to tolerate better than others. If the OxyNorm helps you find out why you have been advised to limit the dosage. It may be that you could decide whether the possibility of side effects would be worth it for some measure of pain relief.


Good morning sutbut,

Thank you for your input, when l increase the Gabapentin l become very sleepy. l was told that OxyNorm could cause problems if l took too much over a long period. After the various operations l have taken quite a lot more but reduced the amount as the pain subsided.

I will definitely speak to my gp and see if l can increase the dosage.

Wishing you a happy and pain free Bank Holiday Monday.

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Pulsed Electro magnetic therapy. I use this for pain relief for various reason. Backache from working, repetitive strain on hands from typing., arthritis in my hip. I’m currently recovering from knee realignment (essentially similar procedure as a knee replacement). Whilst PEMFwill not cure arthritis, it will help with pain management and help the body heal when recovering from surgery. I use this regular and it does help. used primarily in veterinary practices, on horses, cats and dogs. I bought the machine originally to help my cat with her arthritis but also use it for my own purposes. In fact as I write this message, I have the magnetic on my leg now. It’s worth looking into.


Good day ngrantham147

I do apologise for not answering your message before now, l am sorry.

The information that you give on your

PEMF machine is very interesting, l have heard of this treatment before that is being used on animals.

I do believe that any treatment that can reduce our pain is definitely worth looking into, thank you. I will be looking at a PEMF machine, thank you.

Regards footgo


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