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Am I too young for Arthritis?


Hi everyone.

I am new on here so please be kind. I have not had an official diagnosis but after all my google searching (which I know i shouldn't do really) some kind of Arthritis is the only explanation I can think of. I have had pain in my right hip/top of bum for a long time now and it has got worse recently. I like to run but it has been agony lately. The past few weeks both of my index fingers near the ends (on the joint) have been really painful inside and are a bit bumpy. It is even painful typing this. I went to the doctors a month ago with back/hip problems but his respons was 'everyone has back pain at some point and even if it is something more I would only give you pain killers anyway'. The issue is that I am only 36, is that too young for arthritis and should I go back to doctors?

Thanks for any help

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No it can never be too young for arthritis, I got juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which became noticeable at about aged 7 as mum noticed me limping one day and then I started collapsing as my knee gave way but I got used to it as just use to massage it and then I grew out of it and it went to my fingers where they swelled up, even had to have my signet ring cut off when I got one in next few years and then it was my elbows that swelled and I couldn't raise my arm to brush my hair every morning. After this though, I had a cortisone in my elbows and from there, I never had anything else until I had been working a few years at aged 23 when I started limping again and this time I was diagnosed as osteoarthritis so had to have both replaced at aged 25. After this, I was really fit and not had a problem until now at aged 52 only because they have just worn out and now awaiting a revision op.

I am sure you will be fine and if you are use to running, you must be fit and eating healthy. I do find that I am worse when I have citrus drinks or anything acidy and also eating animal fats. What ever you do, just keep all your joints moving, try swimming instead of running or just walking instead. It may be just your body warning you to slow down now.

Also I found Reiki massage is good and can heal, I only tried it once and was impressed, I went very warm and even hot in my weak area which was my hip but some people get very cold so it depends on what is wrong with the individual.

Sorry for the long saga and good luck and keep searching for symptoms on the internet as I find it useful as long as you read all from different websites to get an overall result but points you in the right direction.

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Hi, thanks Cath88. It sounds like you have had your fair share of issues over the years. I hope you are feeling ok at the moment. It's interesting you talk about animal fats, i'll have a look into that. I will pluck up the courage to go to our new doctor and see what they say.


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I just hope you find out what is your cause. Also, I just meant have olive oil instead of lard etc and don't have too much red meat as this can be bad for arthritis along with dairy products although you do need dairy for your calcium but if you do walking, you will keep your bones strong, I have those actimel drinks now and also, chicken is great along with lots of vegetables. They do say cider vinegar is good and mix this in with your cooking and I try and put all different herbs in too.

I'm not too bad and don't take any medication, only strong painkillers when I was first diagnosed two months ago as needing a new hip as it had worn out, but after 27 years, I have done very well with that as the surgeon did a great job for me and that was also due to swimming and going to aerobic classes/gym when I could.

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Cutting down on acidic items in your diet will definitely be helpful along with anti-inflammatory supplements. I personally did very well with Pharma Nord's SelenoPrecise (inflammation), Now's Glucosamine with Chondroitine + MSM (cartilage) and Solaray's Turmeric Special blend (inflammation). I am back to light jogs again from not being able to walk or bend my knees. Apple cide vinegar is also beneficial. Good luck

Can I just have the cider and not the vinegar? he, he. Thanks I'll let you know if the doctor finds anything.

Hi,just want to say that I too have been dealing with chronic pain in my right buttock/thigh for over six months now.I thought i may have arthritis of the hip or maybe a herniated disc.Finally got to see someone at the orthopedic hospital and she said it's neither of these,quite relieved really.Turns out I have sciatica and the muscles in that area have all rebelled.She suggests a course of intensive physio.In the mean time I'm going to help myself as much as I can,maybe try massage or a chiropractor.I would go back to doctors and request a referral to see a specialist,good luck to you.


Hi all,

If you have any questions about diet and arthritis our dietitian will create an individual healthy eating plan and have phone conversations with Arthritis Action members:

He is also doing a Twitter Q&A on Monday 20th July 12-3pm,

Best wishes,


Membership Administrator @ Arthritis Action

Hi, it's unusual to get osteo-arthritis at 36, but certainly not impossible. Are you hypermobile, by any chance? Hypermobility quite often leads to early-onset arthritis, because all that extra movement can wear the joints out sooner... Other sorts of inflammatory arthritis can start at any age...

I hope you get some answers and help soon. :)

Hi, you're not to young for arthritis, but you can demand an xray, that would give your gp more of an idea of what could be wrong, also it's patient choice, that means you can tell him that's what you want, from there if is arthritis you can tell him to refer you to a specialist, who will do any further tests required, that's including mri scan, i hope you get a diagnosis soon.

hi my self Ravi from India. I read your full articles, you try acupressure. I have also suffering this problem from last 20 years but i taken acupressure & raw diet (The china Study) from last 30 days i fill better approximate 70-80% pain will be removed so i request you please concerns acupressure & raw diet. you must read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.


Ravi Mehta

I've had arthritis since I was 37 I'm turning 40 in September. In 2013 it started in my hands then went to my feet, 2 years later it's now in my shoulders and knees as,well. So to anwser your question about being to young for arthritis, I'd say the anwser is no. Even people that are much younger than you are can get arthritis at a young age. I didn't think it would hit me when it did it was quite a shocker when my gp told me it was arthritis starting to show up in my hands when it did. It took me 2 years til I went to a rheumatologist to find out that I now have osteoarthritis witch is a degenerative for that affects the hands , shoulders, knees , hips , the lower back and the neck. I also have it in my feet as well. Hope this helps anwser your question. Take care. JQuinn

Hi, thanks everyone all of your replies have really helped and I will let you know how it goes. I'm glad i'm not the only one and it could just be something else that you have mentioned.

Thanks again


DEFINITELY GO BACK TO DOCTORS .I to am around that age and have RA and AS it can be frustrating as "people" think of OA when thinking of arthritis and older people too,

Hey world it's not true .

Anyone can be affected of any age as mentioned above.

Get second opinions from different doctors,document swelling with photos keep a diary of what you have eaten to try and find any triggers,but most of all take your meds some will work some may not unfortunately it is trial and error but it does help eventually, talk to family they can help you if they know what's going on with you.

Finally except you will have good and bad days,I don't want to seem rude but that's been the hardest one for me (mind willing body not so much)

Either way good luck on your journey and I hope you get set on the right path sooner rather than later.

Hi gem

Unfortunately anyone can get athritis. The blood monitoring clinic I go to I see young girls in their early twenties who can barely walk. I hope and pray for you it's not rheumatoid athritis good luck with your diagnosis x

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