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Osteo Arthritis of Polymyalgia?

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Hi everyone, for nearly a year now, I’ve had pain/aching - first in lower back and hip, later in shoulder/arm. I’ve Seen an Orthopaedic Consultant who initially suspected frozen shoulder, - had MRI - which showed nothing abnormal. He discharged me back to GP with the recommendation that I have investigation for Polymyalgia. GP says I don’t have that as once again, the pain has lessened, but he thinks more likely to be flare-ups of Osteo-Arthritis. I’m ok some days but other days feel awful, in pain, stiff and mega-tired. Is it best to just take anti-inflammatories on bad days? 🤔 thanks for any advice.

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If you had PMR you would not have any good days at all!

Test for PMR is a short course of 15mg Prednisolone daily.

I have both OA and PMR. Usually OA is diagnosed with x-rays- have you had these? If not, your GP is not being fair with you.

You are getting pain in all the right PMR places. Have you had blood tests for inflammation? That is: CRP and ESR. Not everyone with PMR has these raised but most do. As PMRPete says the usual test for PMR is to try steroids and see if they have a dramatic effect. But unlike PMRPete, I would say that PMR can vary in its intensity.

If anti-inflammatories work, it is not PMR.

I suggest you go to the PMR/GCAUK page on Healthunlocked and read the posts there as it may help you to work out if you do have PMR. If so, then you need to keep asking the GP to help you.

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Thanks Suzy. I have been on the PMR page but as my GP said he doesn’t think I have PMR because of “satisfactory” inflammation levels. Also, apparently PMR is normally symmetrical and not just one side. Yes have had X-ray and MRI which were normal. Anti-inflammatories not doing much but aches and pains do come and recede so that’s why GP is putting it down to flare-ups of Arthritic pain.

Thanks for your reply - and I hope you can manage to stay mostly pain free. 😊

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I have osteoarthritis in my neck and feet, I take turmeric and black pepper capsules every morning with my breakfast and they help a lot with the pain. (don't use if you use blood thinners)

I know other people that use them too with great results.

It might be worth you looking into them.. Amazon sell them or a local health store might do.

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Thank you. I have heard about the benefits of turmeric so will look into those 👍

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Make sure it's with black pepper or it wont work.

Good luck.

Hiya Fergus,

Well I have two main health conditions, one a cardiac arrythmia which now doesn't bother me and the other, Osteoarthritis which bloody well does. Originally right knee, and although a partial knee replacement has worked and given me a pain free life once more the other two locations are very painful, right shoulder and neck.

Its the latter two locations that are both painful and make me mega, mega tired. Never felt tiredness like it. Unfortunately I can't take anti inflammatories due to taking warfarin, but I take prescription grade CoCodomol instead as and when required.

Interesting thing is, that ahead of a weather change the pain is worst. My weather forecasting skills are better than the Met Office.

When its low humidity, say around 60% and high barometric pressure, say 1023 Mb I'm fine, as good as I'll ever be.

When humidity touches 90% plus and barometric pressure falls to say, 900 to 1000 Mb I'm in agony.


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Fergus123 in reply to carneuny

Hi John

Thanks for your reply.

Oh crumbs you have had lots to put up with. The tiredness obviously isn’t unusual then with Osteoarthritis,

it’s a shame you can’t take the antinflammatories but at least Co-codamol is helping you which is something.

Have heard also that weather conditions changing make a difference too. You sound something of an expert, - the Met office could do with you! 👍

Hi. I have severe pain in my lower back going into my hip area. I have been on a medication called, LDN, which is low dose naltrexone, for about 4 1/2 months. I take 1.5 mg day. LDN has helped my pain at least 90%. I needed to know the source of my pain. I recently had a MRI and I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis and bulging disc issues. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Poor you I know how you feel. Glad the Naltrexone is really helping. Thanks for the offer of asking questions.

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