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Wrist denervation - anybody experienced this?

I have osteoarthritis in my left wrist, pain started November 2015 and due for surgery 2/6/17. I am having wrist denervation done to ease the pain, despite the nerve block failing in October 2016. Has anyone experienced this procedure? I'm getting a local anaesthetic to save waiting an extra 4 weeks for the surgery to be performed. I'm very nervous about this, does anyone have any advice or tips?

Thanks in advance


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i had surgery on my wrist/ thumb , a plate was put in and some bone taken away , i was in a half plaster and bandage for about 3 weeks and then a full plaster for about 2 month i still have some pain when i use it too much , but i can say it does not wake me up through the night any more, i did have a general anaesthetic , the local did not seem to take for some reason i have no particular advice to give you, except go ahead with it, good luck.


Hi Ashley, I don't know if this is relevant to you ... I too have osteoarthritis in (among other joints) my left wrist and hand. About 18 months ago my surgeon removed a PIN from my wrist: it's a small nerve that controls some feeling in the wrist and hand. It's hard to say how much benefit I got from the procedure because the surgeon did a debridement of a tear in the hand as well ... what I can say is that in the time since, following a very small amount of physiotherapy, I have less pain, more flexibility, more strength, and my range of movement in the joint is much increased. I have also had a steroid injection in the area, with apparently less long-term benefit. The PIN removal has left me with a thin pale scar about an inch long, completely covered by a watch (not unsightly anyway).

If any of this chimes with you, then don't hesitate and don't worry; get it done. You have two choices: have pain or use the wonderful service the NHS delivers and be relatively pain-free. Wish you all the best.



Hi Ashley, I to have similar to yourself in both my wrists, and right knuckle of which now needs to be replaced, this has took about 6yrs to progress, I can empathise with the pain aspecially the wrists, with having to use them repetativley throughout the day, I still work within the healthcare partime, I really don't know how I would go on if it wasn't for my colleagues, I proberbly would of been finished, I'm in the process now seeing the surgeon for knuckle to be replaced, I was offered in 2011 a fusion of the wrist, when I read up on in I thought WOW at my age, 40s, I spoke to Rheumatology, to try methotrexate first, what a mistake that was, amongst others, I to will be looking at that your being offered, it sounds less invasive, I am of the mindset now I'm not being used as a guinnypig anymore, and be fobbed off. Sorry if this is abit of an overload, tell yourself the things you will be able to do as Apose to struggle to do daily, that's what I'm going to do. No pain no gain, plus we are already in pain so nothing to loose.🤔😁


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