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Please help this pain is worste

Please can anyone pleas tell me from wrist to thumb vein sticking out and I'm getting another bone growth like in left hand me fingers re twisted and feet toes under feet but this is happening fast as I had hip replacement yr ago oseophytes knocked off some pelivis me back is spinal all stenosis I'm in pain fro head to foot and I can't take medication as I have cirrhosis they left me a year bed bound and as I have comorbiditys sorry I can't spell. I'm not even under a hospital any more I'm 53 sorry moaning in house bound and feel I'm being left to rot sory

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So sorry to hear how things are for you. I have had to come off of my medication as it can only be taken short term because it has bad side affects I cannot tolerate opiates so am struggling with feet and back mainly, pain at night in morning, easing a little for a while in the day and then as the day goes on back it all comes and it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I really don't think there is anything they can do for people like us and we feel like we have been left to fend for ourselves. There are many of us like this I think and life is so unfair. I hope you manage to cope and things ease for you I feel for you


Thank u for easing the despare of everything your words was perfect as u said there is no light at the end of the tunnel made me laugh as at my front door I have big sign


due to the current

Workload the light at the of

This tunnel is switched


Any assessment which is rare as in social care I make sure they read it well it's hard to miss !

Thanks for just your time to help me as I never interact only me daughter 32yrs old very ill we both have ADHD completely different personality disorders but you made me feel I'm not on me own.

It's all true I just wanted to make you laugh as me ADHD at my age than you bless your heart


Due To current work load the end of tunnel their is no light


wow! I feel like a witch how weird is that? Believe you are not on your own and we all get really low at times Take care

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Hi, Faithfull, I've got spinal stenosis and am just left by the medical people, because they are scared to operate in case they make me worse. I get in an unbearable amount of pain at times, especially in rainy or damp weather. Have you tried any serious painkillers like Fentanyl patches, or if you Dr. wont prescribe them, get some CBD, (cannabis oil) from Holland & Barrett, as it is very good for pain and inflammation. Kind regards,

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I love u for that reply I have alcoholic liver deases complex PTSD menningona and there's more adult ADHD hip replacement they left me in bed a year no pain relive bone growths knocking of me pelvis

That's without the ops I'm laughing as I'm only 25 minor really I'm I'm nearer to fifty than sixty thanks again I'm living in hell with my pain the nhs 2 years asking begging but I have to get on with it and I hoped I made you laughed you made me smile and I been crying for days


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