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Continuance from my last post of both of my wrist

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As I was just reading a few post on here a few minutes ago, I started to think after feeling what I’ve been feeling through both of my wrist along with everything else I’m feeling as well. Should I just tell my general practitioner that I want an appointment with a rheumatologist? I’m almost certain that what I’m feeling through both of my wrist is arthritis related. Or should I tell my gp when I see him again that I want to be tested for rheumatoid arthritis?

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Hi JDQuinn75, thank you for your post. We would suggest you raise your concerns with your GP and request both, if you can. A rheumatologist is the specialist for musculoskeletal conditions, including all types of arthritis, but a GP can request diagnostic tests to intervene quickly, if something looks out of the ordinary. Both of those actions can be helpful to you.

Let us know how you get on and best of luck.


Arthritis Action Communications Manager

Push your GP to do blood tests for RA and request a scan on your wrists/hands if you go in with reasons why you think it is and just push them good luck 🤞

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JDQuinn75 in reply to spanner55


I’ve been tested for RA twice in the past with the ra factor test. Both times it came up negative. I’ve always thought what I’m dealing with is something other than just osteoarthritis but doctors haven’t told me that it is. I can’t seem to get a word in inch wise from my gp. I’ve felt symptoms in my ankles and feet as well and now it’s in both of my wrist. I have arthritis in several parts of my body now. Spine , knees , feet, ankles , shoulders, hands and my right hip as well.

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Oh bless I hope they start to listen to you sometimes things don’t always show, I take it you’ve had all the scans needed

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JDQuinn75 in reply to spanner55

Spanner55 I’ve only had xrays when I was diagnosed in 2015 . No scans of any kind have been done. Not sure what to do at this point unless I get on my general practitioners case and say hey something needs to be done. It’s affecting how I get around as well.

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