Damned if I do, damned if I don't

Over twenty five years ago my wrist was quite painful and I was eventually seen by an osteo consultant. The x-ray showed arthritis and I was told that I was Knackered - his word - and I had the option of having my wrist bones fused or living with the pain. I needed to be able to use my wrist so I chose the latter.

I asked our doctor to prescribe Celebrex and he was reluctant. I read the report by the manufactures which clearly indicated the adverse side, then wrote to our GP stating that I was taking responsibility for the consequences of taking Celebrex, so he prescribed the medication, warning me not to exceed the prescribed dose. Thankfully, I was able to lead a normal life

Dr Jones has recently expressed concern about the effect on my heart by the prolonged use of Celebrex so I have reduced and then stopped taking Celebrex. I am now wracked with pain in my left shoulder, elbow and wrist and have reduced reduced mobility of this arm. I like to keep active but now have to think twice, so it is decision time. BTW, the alternatives to taking Celebrex come with their risks.

Do I want to live in pain for the rest of my life or do I continue to take Celebrex and to hell with the consequences? Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I would liked to have achieved more with my life, but admittedly, I haven't done too bad so I'd rather be pain free.

BTW, I am a 83 year old male, often mistaken as a 65 year old.

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  • Have you considered Tradtional Chinese Acupuncture as an alternative to drugs? Choose carefully a Practitioner with advanced qualifications if pos. and also years of experience if you decide to try this. This type of Acupuncture treats the body as a whole. It is not the NHS type.

  • Hi Rosepetal

    Thank you for your reply.

    As it happens, our surgery has a Nurse Practitioner who also does acupuncture. As a first step she has asked for a fasting blood test to check a couple of things before starting me on a course of Acupuncture. My dowsing tells me that I will benefit for my shoulder and, to a lesser extent, my RLS.

  • I will be interested to hear of your progress.

  • I'll keep you posted.

  • My Acupuncture experience:

    My GP used the Chinese meridiens and inserted needles in the metatarsal area on both feet, my shins and above my knee. Delighted that I did not need Ropinirol duting the course of the day, but I was dreading the night- normally 2mg. My dowsing told me to refrain from the drug that night but I had the worst experience ever so succumed and took pain killers in addition to the 2mg. It was ages before the twitching eased off.

    I went through the whole day yesterday without my normal .5mg but chickened out as I did not want to experience what I went through the previous night, so 2mg.

    Let's see how I get through today; I may risk going drug free for 24 hours, in the interest of research. My dowsing assures me that I will be alright.

    I wish you all A Happy Christmas.

  • ? My Dowsing, do you mean your Doctor?

  • Dowsing aka Divining.

    Dowsing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Dowsing is also known as divining (especially in reference to interpretation of results), doodlebugging (particularly in the United States, in searching for petroleum) or (when searching specifically for water) water finding, water witching (in the United States) or water dowsing.

  • Thanx for that, so it was dowsing. I ve hear of it. Will read up on it again.

    Thank you

  • I'd be interested to hear the results of your experience with acupunture. There is an enormous difference between an experienced Traditional Chinese doctor (probably trained in China) and some of the practitioners I've come across. I had experience in Wales, after being told YET AGAIN to take pain killers for chronic headaches, I went out of desperation to a Chinese practitioner who gave me very little acupunture but kept me on the most revolting medicines for a year. I can count on one hand the number of headaches I've had since. I then went on to have acupunture and massage to control increasing but inexplicable pains in leg etc. between jobs ( I was working as a livein carer and was away from home for at least 15 days at a time) The doctor kept me pain free and she explained how A Chinese doctor is expected to keep his patients well, as opposed to western practice of curing the ill! - I then moved North and tried an apparently trained acupunturist in the nearest city and it was a complete waste of time and money, I deteriorated fast and it took a long time to get the right treatment. Whether or not my Chinese doctor could have kept me healthy for longer I shall never know

  • Hi, I have had an OK experience, with first Acupuncturist but not getting anywhere and applied too strong for my system, 2nd Acupuncturist that has permanently damaged the nerve in my groin with Electro Acupuncture, 3rd Acupuncturist who did not believe me and decided I had back ache which gave me back ache for 2 weeks.4th was A GP doctor Acupuncturist who hadn't a clue how to treat me . And then I found a real true Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who I have been with for the last 15 years. He has had 10 years training and over 30 years experience. And I trust him completely.

    Sometimes one can feel worse the first day after the treatment. This is quite normal. And from then on you will find a subtle improvement. I find as my battery of energy has built up, it releases its energy about once a week and helps me with its energy.

    I've had mega help with the real Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and my Acupuncturist also did some of his training in China.these practitioners are rare.

    Happy Christmas 🌲🌲🌲

  • Hi osteo comes under wear and tear. I have it as well. I also have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Do you have aids to help You to live a normal life like kitchen dressing and bathroom aids. The only thing I was given for the osteo was co - codamol pain killers now I am on sulfasalazine and co codamol have a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year

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