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Is this arthritis?

Hi, iv been having neck pain for 2yrs and last year my son pointed out to me a hump on my back. i went to the doctors where they took blood and sent me for a ultra sound scan, I was also having pain in my left wrist at that time where I couldn't put any weight on it . The results come back as clear for arthritis but it's getting worse and I'm noticing other pain and stiffness in various bones and joints, the pain in my neck is so severe now I am taking pain killers constantly and can only do minimal chores.

What I want to know is did my doctor do enough testing?

And what is the tests they do for arthritis.

Many thanks


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I was treated with just pain killers for year for OA then I started to get pain in more joints. I was referred to the rheumytolagy clinic to see if it was more than OA found out I had PsA and psoriasis too ask GP for referral to see a rheumytolagist.


Thanks for your reply Amanda, what sort of test should I expect them to do?


I had X-rays of my hands and feet. Ultrasound on hands showing inflammation and blood tests but it depends on the rhuemytolagist you get to see. They are not all the same.

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Hi lisa-d. Have you had a Dexa scan for osteoporosis? From what you describe, it sounds like you need to be tested for this and be given Dcal-3 and Alendronic Acid meds which will prevent further bone loss and likelihood of breakage. As mentioned, OA is likely and seeing rheumatologist would be helpful - it just strikes me that your doctor has left you high and dry. You should have had x-rays at the very least to see if you have any breakages - it is not uncommon to have broken bones and not know it with osteoporosis. Sounds like you need better pain meds as well. The answer to your question is, no your doctor is not doing enough testing and an x-ray will almost always show osteoarthritis plus MRI/SPECT scans to show up inflammation in RA. Hope this is helpful to you. Best wishes.


It could be oestoporosis as my mum has that and has that on her back but I'm not a go so I would go back and ask to see a consultant don't let them fob you off, Ian quite a shy guy but when I go for consultations I'm polite in a firm way and take a list of questions I want to ask.take photos off your swollen joints and take them with you we things like that it all helps take care


For joint pain, x-rays will show OA and a blood test for RA. Your symptoms could be due to fibromyalgia (diagnosed with history and examination, no specific tests) and/or to some kind of nerve problem. I have the hump or kyphosis due to poor posture and watching my feet constantly because of an unstable knee. All this has resulted in the hump plus OA in my cervical (neck) spine and bone spurs, plus cervical radiculopathy (pain down the arm). I have done a LOT of pt over several years, and my posture is much improved. It helps with the pain too, as do ice, heat and massage. Still, I am overall getting worse so I am going to be looking into other options.

I certainly would be asking more questions, because they have told you no arthritis, but it sounds like they didn't give you any other explanation. If you are so much in pain and disabled, you do need to get some answers. The problem is that the less you do, the more you lose muscle strength, and then you have even more pain and can do even less, etc. Pain killers are not the best option for long term, so the more you can use other treatments and the more you can reduce your dosage, the better off you are likely to be in the long run. Shame on the doctor who continues to prescribe pain killers without an adequate diagnosis.

An arthritis specialist (rheumatologist) is probably the best way to go, They can diagnose fibromyalgia too. And maybe a 2nd opinion if that doesn't give you satisfactory answers. Just keep in mind that you will only get the best possible treatment if you are an advocate in your own healthcare. You have every right to ask as many questions as you need to and get satisfactory answers. And if a doctor doesn't want to listen or won't answer your questions, or you feel like he/she treats you like a body part/parts instead of a person, you have the right to vote with your feet!

Good luck to you, and I hope you get the answers and the treatment you need!


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