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Really having a hard time with this unplanned pregnancy :( I feel like I'm just waiting for this baby to come so I can jump in a hospital right away I'm so fearful I will get ppp again and really fearing it will be worse any advice ?

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Hello MichelleO

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your second pregnancy. Do you have a good care plan in place? I'm not sure about care in the US. I know it's easy for me to say but try not to worry. There are mums here who have had second pregnancies without PP returning so hopefully you will be fine. It must be an anxious wait for you but we are all here to support you.

Sending a virtual hug across the pond .... take care.


Dear MichelleO,

I am so sorry that you are having a rough time. There are women on this wonderful forum who will be able to give you strengths and vitality and peer support.

My heart goes out to does not necessarily mean that you will get it a second time. The preparation of a support network and a care plan would be most suitable, because it could reduce some of your fears. Maybe you could talk to those who give you professional support throughout your pregnancy. I obviously do not know about the US system, I am in the UK.

Take good care and try to be positive, look after yourself (doing stuff you enjoy, nesting and getting ready for your baby, mindfulness of breathing, meditation, yoga groups for pregnant ladies or swimming classes, resting and reading, painting...:-)

Sabine :-)

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Have you been able to see a perinatal psychiatrist? That is helping me to prepare for the birth


No are you in the U.K. ? I'm in us and there's no such thing in my area or I just can't find one


No sorry, australia. Im not sure how the us works. For my first child i saw a regular psychatrist, but they were good. Its mostly knowing what preventative medicines to take. If you have an option, i would choose female.


Check out and Postpartum Progress. Both are US resources. Perhaps if you contacted Massachusetts General Hospital, which does have perinatal resources, they might know of a specialist in your area? And here is a list from the MGH website of hospitals in the US that offer resources. Your regular psychiatrist may also be able to refer you to a specialist. Hope this helps. Rest assured that since your medical health professionals know of your diagnosis, they should be able to get a plan in place and help prevent problems and intervene quickly.

Chapel Hill, NC, UNC Perinatal Psych Inpatient Unit

Providence RI, Brown/Women & Infants Providence RI

Mountain View CA, El Camino Hospital Maternal Outreach Mood Services (MOMS)

Grand Rapids, MI, Pine Rest Mother and Baby Program

Minneapolis MN, Hennepin Mother-Baby Day Hospital

Long Beach CA, Community Hospital Long Beach Inpatient Program

San Diego, CA, UC San Diego Maternal Mental Health Program

Pasadena CA, Huntington Memorial Hospital Maternal Wellness Program


Hi MichelleO

I can't remember if I have ever given you these links in the past, apologies if I have.

Postpartum Support International are also a very good organisation and are mainly based in the USA.

Their main web address is:

This is the page where you can look at where they are located in the USA:

On this page it lists the coordinators who specialise in a certain area, and one is postpartum psychosis. You can see a name and email for the coordinator:

I do hope that helps.

Take care X


Hello MichelleO

How have you been since you last posted? I hope you were able to find some help in the US with the links here.

Stay positive and take care.


Doing much better ... I'm currently on seroquel and seems to be working really well for my panic attacks just hoping it keeps up. Thank you for checking in


Good to hear the medication is helping you Michelle.

Take care.


Hello MichelleO

I hope the medication is still working well and you have good support around you.

Take care ..... sending a hug across the pond :)


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