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First ever panic attack

Was having a very good day yesterday, done some shopping went out with partner and for once I felt ok and happy, come 12 last night that all changed just out of the blue my head started goin all funny my vision was odd started feeling sick and tired and then had pins and needles all over and was shaking like a leaf I went to a and e as thought I was dieing as that's what it felt like and was told it was a panic attack is this all normal and is it normal to ache all over afterwards and feeling rough the next day xxx

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Hi Daisy

Yes that sounds normal in an anxiety state, try not to inflame the situation with wories about your health, anxiety gives alot of different pains and there all harmless. there horrible, but harmless.

Keep off the alchohol, as it will make your symptoms a lot worse.

Not sure if the docs given you any meds,

ask about therapy, to help you understand whats going on, and a way of dealing with the panics.

Wish you well




Hi daisy deffinatly a panic attack, and yes u will feel tired after. Thet r horrible last yr i was having two a day most days. That was because i was thinking of them constantly and all i cid think of was wat if it happens again. Dont google it thou. Read a book anxietynomore it explained everything i needed to know anyway x


Yea I have been like that today worrying what if it happens again, and been tired all day prob didn't help that I only had 4 hours sleep but I'm exhausted can barely keep my eyes open it terrified me though wondered what was goin on as it just came out of nowhere, where could I buy the book from please xx


I brought it on the kindle from amazon but I u can get it on a book from there it by paul david or david paul I always get is name wrong way round lol x


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