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Do i have social anxiety or agoraphobia ?

I don't like going out.

When i do i get sick and sometimes have diarherra,i feel light headed or dizzy social situations are a nightmare,when in a social situation my hands get sweaty and my heart races,I am starting to think to myself "what do I say!!!?! Next" sometimes what I say don't make any sense start to and i start to shake i will try to avoid social situations at all costs. Therefore I don't like leaving my house.

Thanks quad.

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sounds like a bit of both, I do understand how crap this makes us feel.

Docs sounds like a good idea as he can get you in touch with CBT or another therapy to help you overcome this.

There's help out there so dont worry too much.




Hay, in my eyes I would say you suffer from anxiety, I get this a lot when I'm out but not in social situations, if you have a little read of my blog that's just under yours, My Anxiety My Fear & My Life, I write about how I get when I'm in public (shopping) you might be able to relate a little, what I don't mention in it is that I also get clamy hands, I can start to feel almost Disorientated and confused while I'm panicking. Also heart can race etc, I would advise you to go to the doctor and discuss it with him, he will most likely give you some meds but I would also advise you to ask him to refer you to a Therapist, I hope this helps,



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