Do i have social anxiety or agoraphobia ?

I don't like going out.

When i do i get sick and sometimes have diarherra,i feel light headed or dizzy social situations are a nightmare,when in a social situation my hands get sweaty and my heart races,I am starting to think to myself "what do I say!!!?! Next" sometimes what I say don't make any sense start to and i start to shake i will try to avoid social situations at all costs. Therefore I don't like leaving my house.

Thanks quad.


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2 Replies

  • Hi

    sounds like a bit of both, I do understand how crap this makes us feel.

    Docs sounds like a good idea as he can get you in touch with CBT or another therapy to help you overcome this.

    There's help out there so dont worry too much.



  • Hay, in my eyes I would say you suffer from anxiety, I get this a lot when I'm out but not in social situations, if you have a little read of my blog that's just under yours, My Anxiety My Fear & My Life, I write about how I get when I'm in public (shopping) you might be able to relate a little, what I don't mention in it is that I also get clamy hands, I can start to feel almost Disorientated and confused while I'm panicking. Also heart can race etc, I would advise you to go to the doctor and discuss it with him, he will most likely give you some meds but I would also advise you to ask him to refer you to a Therapist, I hope this helps,


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