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Hello,been ok again today,did you know,if you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage!

Starting to feel a bit guilty about all the good days I am having,I know many of you are struggling and hope that my positive comments are a help.If you knew me a month ago,well,I was a totally different person.

I can only tell you about the methods I employ in order to feel better,I cannot promise they will work for you,I suspect they may because the way I am feeling is not down to drugs but my way of thinking and talking about it.We are all capable of positive thought,some find it difficult to talk but in my experience,it helps.Also,I have completely changed my views on everything in the past month.I accept that I need help,I have stopped self pity and am getting the help I need and almost immediately,I started to feel better.I hope you take heart from my comments and believe you can get better also.Take care.

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Im really glad ur feeling better and so positive it helps the ones that r having a bad time. Even on my bad days i love to read positive posts on here. It meks u realise that the bad days will pass and u will be urself again soon enuf. Keep it up ur doing so well xxx


Hi hun i did start feeling better but feel as though i am sliding down that slippery slide again if you read my blogs i had some great weeks and this last couple of weeks i seem to have gone backwards and i really dont know why i am glad you are feeling better in yourself love i hope we all feel so more positive soon most of us are trying but sometimes it is hard and its not as though we dont try love its just a viscous circle sometimes some tips would be great xxxxx


You know,whenever I start to feel iffy,I shout at myself,I sing to myself,I get busy with something.There are times when its very hard to be positive or do anything but I force myself.As I have previously said,talking to like minded people has helped me so much,if you can do it,then do.The other thing I do is count my blessings compared to others,I have no problems when I see the big picture and that keeps me positive.


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