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Another day chasing my tail


Everyday is a battle! Some harder then others, but today I’m feeling so overwhelmed with these emotional thoughts of doom. I’m sitting at my doctors office waiting for her to come in so I can express everything on my mind and hope I’ll get a glimpse of hope or comfort. I’m in this nonstop battle of fear every single day “not knowing” or feeling unreal “twilight effect” it consumes me in every way imaginable, losing yourself to this battle is definitely tiring to say the least. What is everyone’s day to day battle? And how are you handling it? I need some comments to maybe help ease my mind please

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uniquediamond, let us know when you are back home from the doctors. .

I will reply then Good luck with your appointment.. Let us know how it went. xx

Way I deal with it is trying to keep my mind of it as in hobbies but I always say there's nothing wrong with me out loud to convince my mind there's nothing wrong

I’ve tried doing that and it seems it gets worse

Forget about fighting it, Diamond, that's the worst thing you can do. Fighting and battling only cause more stress and tension. To recover you need less stress and tension not more.

So no more battling, no more fighting, Diamond. Just surrender to all the strange feelings and thoughts. Agree to coexist with your symptoms for the moment. Not forever of course but for the time being.

So don't fight it, accept it. You see, anxiety disorder makes little fears and worries seem ten times worse. So the feeling that we don't want to die before our time, before we have completed our work here, becomes magnified and exaggerated ten fold into this feeling of doom. That's what's happened to you. It's quite common, you're not the first and won't be the last.

Two things to do, Diamond. Anxiety disorder is caused by a long period of worry, stress, overwork, grief, sense of loss, disappointment or toxic relationships. You must identify what precipitated your anxiety and neutralise it.

Second thing, accept the bad feelings, let them come no matter what. But accept them without fear. Fear is what fuels your anxiety disorder, accept calmly and fearlessly and in the fullness of time all things will be well.

So join with us as we travel the yellow brick road to recovery.

That’s you so much!!! Reading that helped calm me down

How'd it go at the doctors?

It went well actually, thank you! For the first time I felt a connection with her “new doctor” and she actually listens to me

Hope the drs visit was worthwhile for you and hope tomorrow is a better day with no doom,calming music ,watching comedy stuff reminds you not to take things so seriously I find , best wishes.

Thank you Alan! Talking to my doctor helped I just sat there and told her everything that’s going on in my mind, and for the first time and many doctors later I felt she actually listened to me which is a breath of fresh air

Glad your feeling more positive nice to virtually meet you it definitely helps to come on here and vent with people who totally get where your coming from,

Nice to meet you too! I’m Nikki btw :) and I couldn’t agree with you more! Talking hand to hand with people that are struggling everyday does help with the racing thoughts.

Hiya Nikki,there’s nothing worse than bottling everything up and having no outlet ,I’m starting to find there are some genuinely nice people on these forums and little messages of support do go a long way to help with the constant doom ,

Gosh I couldn’t agree more with you! So what all do you battle with if you don’t mind me asking?

Depression and anxiety is the daily struggle but I have copd lung disease which is difficult to come to terms with at times but I do have hope of surgery that will improve things so that’s positive,just some days I think w.t.f. Why continue this Groundhog Day cycle of suffering but then rest up,calm the mind down watch some comedy and find myself again and the doom goes for a bit but do find talking to other sufferers helps a lot and when I see posts like yours I know where your at.

I’m so sorry to hear about that! And I could agree more with you! Sometimes we have to take what we got and except it, even tho I sometimes have a problem doing that! I just want to be normal and I’m sure I speak for the rest of the 8 million people out there struggling with the same or worse symptoms we’re dealing with :/ but it can’t rain all the time right? So I keep forcing myself to do what I have to do and hope one day I’ll wake up as the person I want to be ❤️ Prayers hugs and positive vibes your way!

You too Nikki let’s start with a few good days at least eh hope tomorrow is kind to you take care,speak soon 🙋🏻‍♂️

You too!

Hello I’m sorry to hear about your bad day. Trust me I’m their many days during the week. I try to do things to keep my mind from wandering to those thoughts. I do train with weights and I find it helps Tremendously. I do reach out to family and friends for help and support I find strength in my faith. It’s not easy so I’m always trying to find ways to cope so I can deal with the anxiety and depression. I do see my therapist twice a week and I also see my psychiatrist once every 2 weeks for my meds.

Thank you so much for commenting on my post! Talking on this site helps me in so many ways and I’m so thankful it’s out here for people like us. We definitely need all the support we can get that’s for sure. My day 2 day struggle is where my thoughts are, even when I’m at work I catch myself thinking about it and my first reaction is to wanna leave, but then I tell myself SNAP out of it Nikki. I have a new doctor and I feel like she actually listens to me and my thoughts “she cares” I can see that when I talk to her. I have an appointment next week to figure out some options and what would be best for me.

It’s crucial to find the right Dr. I’ve been blessed to have a great psychotherapist that has helped me a great deal. I fell into a deep state of depression about 3 years ago. I couldn’t work and when I tried going back months ago I couldn’t do it. It’s been a battle. But I’ve got to push on and forge ahead. I’ve got a little girl that needs her daddy and I need her. One thing I’ve done is cut out caffeine. Caffeine can exacerbate any kind of anxiety issue. Samson

I’m so thankful for my new doctor that’s for sure. She’s not pushing medication on me she wants to get to know me better and hear everything that’s going on with me before we go down that road, which all in all is a blessing. I wanna feel better so bad because of my children, they definitely need their mom. Just like your daughter needs you.

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I'm so glad you found a doctor you connect with. One of the issues I have is my doctor is really nice but I find her to be a pill pusher. Up the meds, add more meds and I don't like taking anything not really necessary. I've been on one anxiety med for years and because of what she thinks is stress induced stomach issues that started about 3 weeks ago, she added a short term anxiety med and Prilosec for gastritis and reflux. My boyfriend and I just bought a house and moved in Memorial Day weekend. We love it and 2 weeks later this stomach thing started which triggered the anxiety again. I felt great til then and just want to feel that way again. My boyfriend is so sweet and supportive but I hate feeling this way. So glad we can come here for support.

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I’m so glad he’s supportive it’s nice to have that network of people surround you! And that’s one thing I love about my new doctor, she’s not pushing pills down my throat and that’s hard to come by for sure! I’m battling with high blood pressure right now so we’re talking about a treatment plan for that and then touch base sometime in the next few weeks about my depression and anxiety, it’s definitely a challenge to battle this all the time and same as you I just want to feel better again, I miss the old me and I’m sure my kids do more then anything, even tho I’m good at pretending In front of them so they don’t see it

I suffer with anxiety that leads to o.c.d. it also makes me feel depressed. Thankfully I'm learning to live with it with help of therapists and medication.

That’s the part that’s hard is learning to live with it. I try to be positive everyday and laugh but that’s becoming a chore

Its hard with children I have 3 year old and 9 year old you don't want them to think that there is anything wrong.

It' struggle get out house and they want go out to park.

I find for me having good sleep and try make time do something for you, I know it' not easy with children but for me it helps.

I couldn’t agree more with you!

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