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One thing after another

well went to see my doc last night my appointment was at 5 20 i didnt get in till 6.05 so was a little anxious sat there my OH even phoned surgery panicking where i was anyway td him i had stopped taking my meds but was feeling low depressed and a little on edge he did tell me i shouldnt have just stopped all at once yes i gathered that now my anxiety has slowly started creeping back and did say if i start feeling worse to start taking 10mg again and build up a little i am now made up with cold stinking headaches and feeling even more rough surely things will get better after all the sun is shining xxxx

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Its horrible when you get left waiting for your appointment , sends my anxiety up even more & that's before I get in !

Have to admit , its not the best idea you had to just stop taking your meds but never mind , we live & learn ;-)

See how you go & if you still feel the same try them again as suggested , if you do though , don't stop them without asking them the best way to do it

We need some nice weather , lets hope when we get some we will all cheer up

Hope you are feeling a bit better hun





Thanks why this cold not helping a night on the sofa nose bleeds and i feel so rough it has set my anxiety into motion feeling unwell roll on summer maybe then we will have something to smile about hun how you doing why you feeling ok now hun xxxx


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