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Woke up mid sleep pannick

I woke up at 1.15 this morning having tore my bed and most of my room apart looking for my can of tango.... i dont even like tango! But for some reason i had convinced myself that i had an open can of tango on my bedside table and it was missing.

This isnt the first time this has happened although it is rare. The last time i woke everyone up looking for 'that thing' that was missing and i desperately needed to find it. To this day i dont know what that thing was!

Wow im tired :-(

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I do that when I lose my keys, when I weigh myself after a binge


I have been looking for my flask, some donuts and walking into things on recent sleepwalking occasions which I never used to do. I am blaming mirtazipine. Are you on any medication?


No not on any medication. But i am feeling poorly atm and very run down. I was the sleepwalker of the family as a kid but grew out of it in my teens. Nowadays it rarely happens but when it does i find myself in some very strange situations. I once climed into bed with my son because the noise the thousands of giant spiders on the cieling was keeping me awake x


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