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Woke up

First time I've actually been woke up out my sleep with my heart skipping, have the fear....I've been so busy over the last few days moving in with my OH that I haven't really had time to feel any symptoms.

So this is a new one...actually being woken up with the old heart flutters.

I'm trying to reassure my mind but it's being over run by thoughts of "oh my goodness I'm dying"

Siting writing this sort of helps.....I always come running back to you guys.


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Morning Ashley it's good you've been kept busy. I find that always helps me. Sorry you was woken up and that it's given you the fear. Just keep reassuring yourself that your ok because you are. Hope you managed to get back to sleep. :) xx


Hey Will

Thank you ;-)

I've more or less been awake since then. I was meant to be off work today but said I'd go in...what was I thinking lol xx


You should of skived off for the day :-p xx


Sorry you woke up feeling like that, Ashley. Maybe it was just the extra stress of moving. Hope you are feeling better now. xx


Hey Richi

Thank you :-)

I'm so tired cos I never got back to sleep and I can feel my heart jittery a little bit. But I shall battle on with the day ahead, hopefully I don't crumble lol xx


I had this the other week at 4.30am and I think its worse cos the whole world is so quiet at that time, no one to chat to, but i guess coming on here is chatting and distracting...




That's so true, my OH was on the couch not well so I didn't want to bother them. I've still got it now, but I'm just trying to get on with it. It's all I can do



Hi Ashley

Well it was a good title "Woke up " :D

That was a relief :-/

So you have moved in & like you say you have been very busy

Last night was maybe the first time you were starting to relax in the last few days & when we are busy everyones hearts work faster & when we are relaxing they slow down & it can cause these papls & a big one that woke you up , I have had them many a time

Try & remember as well moving in with OH , is a big step , well I think it is , it can come with some anxiety , & as much as we want this , we can feel slightly anxious , so maybe till you get use to it , you may get a few papls , but you are not going to die & try & tell them to do one (I no its not easy )

We are in the starts of September already :o thats gone quick , so it wont be long now to get that machine on & when you have & get those all clear results , I have everything crossed this is going to put your mind at rest & the hope you will be able to see these are anxiety & nothing sinister

Keep running back when ever you want or need it & we will be here for you as you no we understand :)





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