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Hi everyone :-)

Hi everyone :-)

I took my anti des a good few hours ago with fear but it went not long after. Feeling really good this week and no anxiety as such yippeee i love these wks so much puts all the bad wks behind me and i focus on the good. I have put my wall qoutes back on my bedroom wall as i found they helped before. Ive decided to keep them there this time even if im feeling good. Im trying to to change the negatives in to positives, and so far so good. I dont want to keep reliving the things that i think brought my anxiety and depression on, thats wat ive been doing for so long. I just want to consentrate on the here and now.

My four kittens i had the smallest one died, and about 3 wks back i had an accident with one. I went in the kids bedroom to make beds and open blinds thinking the kittys was in my bedroom. I walked straight in and trod on her. She was fitting and had blood coming out her mouth. I lay her in her box and cudnt stop crying telling her sorry. She was unconcious and i took her to the vets and they put her down. So now ive got baby roo and baby ruby in the garden. I loved them both and was going to keep ruby and my mate was having roo. Think ova that wk i got myself so worked up and felt so bad about it. Everyone told me that it cud happen to anyone. So now ive got jack and star, 7 wks on friday. Jacks going to my mates so i can still c him and star is stopping here. I cudnt talk about it till now as it just really upset me, it still does now but i can speak about it xxx

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Well done donaf , for taking med , will be with you on that one nxt week , you are doing so well , hope I can do as well

I am so sorry what has happened with your kittens , bless you , I no how much this will have upset you , please though it really could have happened to anyone , it will upset you , you have a heart of gold & I no how much you love them

Sending you big hugs





well done donaf,you are so brave,taking your meds,wish I had your bravery,so bad about the kitten,I can imagine how you feel,must have broke your heart,but reading your comments,I can feel your very positive,keep up ,good times are coming..xxxx


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