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Just had a telephone call from my,whats she called,lets say"health care professional" oh yes,she set up my next meeting with the group and I cant wait,its so liberating,like burning yer bra int 60s I imagine,not that I know,I was a mere child in the 60s and I don't wear bras,well not often and only in the house,at weekend,curtains closed!Been single too long!

Anyway,these meetings are so good to attend,its like this site but in person,its not daunting as you might imagine,once you get going ,its fine and the best thing ive done for years,try it,you might like it.

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sounds good :-)

This group are there more than you and the professional?

I've only had a one to one thang. Although I am getting referred for mindfulness classes soon, and they have more than 2 in them.

Wish you well


No,about 8 of us,all with similar issues,just find it good to talk about stuff,get it out the old system.


That does sound really good castelnaudry, i'd like to try that too.

wish you well


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