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Mild panic

After getting my hopes raised about annoying neighbour moving out, only to find he isn't. I have now discovered his equalling annoying brother has moved in, which means more noise and fights... It seems it is only short term, either that or they would kill each other.

I had a little panic attack, and the sense of doom is back. I can only hope things don't get as bad as I fear :(

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I feel for you.

I know all about noisy neighbours - loud music at 3am and drinking, laughing and shouting in the garden all night!

Happily they've gone now but just the thought of the sleepless nights brings on the feelings of anxiety.


Thanks Bramwell, I don't mind a certain amout of noise and I can sleep through it, my hubby needs to wear earplugs and he gets really grumpy which stresses me even more.


Hi Tara

Oh what a way to have to live your life worrying about noisy neighbour to the fact they cause you a slight panic attack. You can complain and have this unreasonable level of noise stopped.

Make enquiries because no one should have to be putting up with this type of worry. Is your property rented or do you own it? hope you don't mind me asking wondering id there is a solution for you.

Wish you Luck

Love Seyi xxx


Hi Seyi, I own my house and the house next door has been rented out for years. I have complained with previous neighbours and it actually made things worse so I don't want to do that again. Most of the time it isn't too bad, but I have irrational fears so in my mind I think it could get worse and to be honest it isn't that bad. I think you have to expect some noise at the weekend, my hubby gets really annoyed and I think I worry more about him over reacting. If it was just me I would be able to ignore it but he would be more likely to start an arguement and that stresses me more.


Hi Tara

I understand sometimes you can make the situation worse if you complain and like you said you would not want your husband getting into some drama. I hope you find peace and able to ignore although difficult at times. Keep your chin up who knows one day they may move :)

Love Seyi xxx ((((((hugs))))


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