down at the coast

was feeling very low today so o/h took me down to the coast. I am totally blind so I love listening to the gentle breaking of the waves on the beach, the sound of the seagulls screeching above me, a gentle walk along the pier in the fresh salty air.sorry I am going on a bit but when I got back to the car I did feel a lot more relaxed. for me I think it really does help if I can get out into the fresh air with a little gentle walk ,hope you are all feeling ok . lovexxx


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  • Hi Newton its awful when you wake up and feel on a low. But glad the day cheered you up going to the coast somewhere you seem to relax and enjoy to be.

    Hope you have better days ahead

    Love Seyi xxx

  • thanks seyi , it really does help for me, since losing my sight so suddenly I can go back to the sights and smells I love. take care xxx

  • I have a lovely cd called Tranquility it's sounds of the sea makes you feel like your there. Maybe you can get it on line.

  • got it thanks copder

  • Thanks for your blog, it reminds me to get out more and appreciate life, its so easy to sit at home, and waste a day, that day was today for me.


  • I'd love to live by the sea. Freedom to walk my dogs along the sand. As you say, Newton, it has a way of relaxing you, brings a calmness. So evocative, smells and sounds and the sea breeze on you face.

  • Hi Newton. I have always longed to live by the sea. I can't lie - I would hate to lose my sight, but I would equally hate to lose my hearing. The sound of the sea is wonderful, as is so much music. I guess you still have the rest of your senses intact and can smell and feel the breeze too. You could also, if you were completely bonkers, like me, stick your toes in the freezing water and get frostbite. For me, there are very clear pictures of things I like to look at inside my head, so I hope that's the same for you. Wish you well. xx

  • The sea , the energy of the sea is wonderful the sound of the waves , the smell, the wind arriving from the sea, wonderful , I feel the sea calls me and I just have to go , I can lay there listening to the sound for ever never getting tired of this sound,, and yes I do have sight so the see the waves you wont have forgotten and you can imagine this , the sea will do you good , go as often to visit the sea as you can. B

  • thank you all for your replies, next time I go I will take you all in my mind and we will all enjoy the smells and sounds

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