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my first meeting

just had my first meeting with a nurse from the mental health team that is helping me with my mental illness. I was so worried about talking to her about all my feelings bad + good that I was shaking by the time she got to the front door, I thought how can she understand fully about a mental illness if she hadn"t had gone thru it herself, she soon put me at ease when she said she had gone thru 6years of post natal depression undiagnosed and had tried to commit suicide, so she certainly knew about depression, she showed a lovely empathy about my situation, I am so glad to have met her, she assured me with help from her team + positivity from me , we will see light at the end of this long dark tunnel. love you

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Hi newton glad your day went well and that you were reassured by this lady with the positive attitude of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. That is brilliant news :) Sometimes we judge a book by the cover but we never know the contents.

My daughters friend is a mental health nurse and she has started visiting me once a week i never thought she understood this black hole i was in until she said " I have walked your path and still walking it. She mentioned many things that i was shocked about. She was like everyone who suffers wears a mask to cover up from the world what they are battling.

But i am glad its all going well for you. Good Luck

Hoping you make a full recovery

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx


Great news , so pleased for you

Keep us updated on how it goes

Well done as well I no what a big thing this will have been for you





Hi Newton,

So pleased you have found a professional who understands where you are coming from. I think this should be obligatory!!!!

Best wishes for the future.



thank you seyi ,why why, lizard . it"s lovely sharing good news with friends lovexxx


It's always great when you find someone who empathises with you and makes you feel at ease. I am sure your next visit will be even better and i wish you all the best to get to the light at the end of your tunnel. XX



Jeff took the words right out of my mouth, its good when a therapist can relate and has been there themselves. I have my first contact on Wednesday and I'm terrified. :-(

Well done for going through it and good luck, let us know of your progress xxx


Isnt it true it is the fear of something before we do it.

During and after we see lots of people and to include this lady just understood so well how someone was feeling, nothing like empathy > B


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