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How do I find the source of anxiety?


Hi guys, I really need to start helping myself, however I feel like if I don't know the source of my anxiety then how can I possibly address the problem for a positive outcome?

I've suffered with severe anxiety for about 4 months now and I'm starting to feel like I can't cope for much longer.

I haven't yet spoken to someone else who deals with this horrible illness, so I don't really feel like anyone understands how much of an impact this can have on general day to day activities.

Please someone help!



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Hi Jason. It sounds like you could do with speaking to a therapist. Have you been to your GP at all? There are also good self help books out here that you can get from Amazon. The anxiety and phobia workbook by Edmund J Bourne is good. Take care. Gray.

Hi Gray, I'm currently on a waiting list to see a therapist. Ive tried working it out for myself, but to my knowlage, I always thought of myself as a laid back and happy person. And thanks for the recemondation ill definitely have a read and see if it helps. Many thanks

hi jason, i know its hard but i think you need to have a chat with your gp, you dont have to start taking meds or anything like that as this is newish to you but maybe they can direct you in the right directions. only you can determind how it was triggered and therapy really helps with that. for the emotional side of things i would really try something herbal from holland and barrett like st johns wort, there are lots availible just have a look on the website or pop in and ask. dont suffer alone and keep it all in, it will only make it worse. xxxxx

Jason1990 in reply to Pickle165

Thank you Sam, I will definitely take your advice. When I was first diagnosed with having anxiety, my GP gave me some beta blockers but the side affects have made me worse. Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.

Pickle165 in reply to Jason1990

i had beta blockers and hated them, i only took them a few days and stopped cos i couldnt handle the heart pulpatations. they all come with there side effects and hit people differently but i would deffinately go the herbal route first only if your not feeling dispair, if you feel that desperate you will need meds. good luck and let me know what you try. x

Jason1990 in reply to Pickle165

Will do Sam, thanks for your help x

Hi jason i am the same on meds at mo and did start to feel better but last couple of weeks i have feeling so dizzy tired all the time and its starting to worry me now dont know if i am ill its meds or just anxiety waiting to get booked in at docs after easter weekend its hard isnt it love xxxx

Hi sheffield. I was takin propanolol for about 4 weeks, it got to the point where I literally couldn't read the words on my computer screen and was contemplating quitting my seemed like I had completely lost myself and I would never get better. I stopped taking the meds and about 2 days later I could see again. Now, a month on and I'm still dizzy but it's bearable. I hope it all goes well at the docs. Let me know how you get on. Take care, thanks for writing back xx

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