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do you comfort eat?

i tend to go through times of comfort eating and becouse i cant get out like i used to i find it harder to burn it off. im not a large woman but im not skinny either and worry about getting really fat not just for vain reasons but the health aspects of it aswell. i have done workout dvds at home and even went and brought a wii fit but cant see to stick at it and cant seem to get some if any motivation going. i find general tasks like changing the bedding and mopping the floors exhusting.

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Hi there,

I used to love going on my wii fit, I wouldn't dream of going to the gym and sweating in public. I had to stop doing it in front of the mirror coz it scared me lol. Then I tried the konnect on PS3, that was good too but I can't get motivated now.

I go through phases of comfort eating, put on weight, feel frumpy and get depressed. So now I try to nip it in the budd when I notice it creeping up on me. I go for cheese, crisps, anything high fat and savoury, glad I haven't got a sweet tooth too lol.

Try not to stress to much about it as it becomes a vicious cycle. Xxx take care xxx


Hi Sam, I used to be someone that regularly went to the gym, out with friends or just generally getting out of the house. Now i tend to stay in and stuff my face with junk food. The problem with comfort eating is that anxiety makes you constantly worry about your heart and health in general, by comfort eating, it's only going to make matters worse for you. By all means, enjoy your food but if you do find yourself putting weight on try to cut back a little, otherwise you will find yourself in the same situation that I'm in now ( checking my bpm every 5 minutes or thinking I have some kind of rare undetectable disease ) lol

Hope you get well soon


ive always checked my bpm so too late for that. i used to go the the gym every other day and do classes inbetween.......once upon a time i was aiming to be a personal trainer, its laughable now! crisp seem to be my major downfall. i know being easter there will be choc around but thats not a normal thing in my house, im more of a savory person which is just as bad......cheese.....dont even get me started! take care xxxx


Hiya Sam,

Yes, I struggle with this too. Drifted into bulimia as a teenager so I have real issues around food at the best of times. I've been a lot better since I found this site and started to deal with the anxiety issues but I still find it hard to eat properly. Savoury things are my weakness too.

Best Wishes


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