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Doing ok :-)

Ok so im sat in the bingo with my mom, ive had abit of anxiety on and off but i have just let it be and its seemed to of eased abit. Ive got abit of an headcahe but ive got my 4head stick which helps with that. Ive been the best i have for a while for the last few days lets hope i can keep it up. Ive got abit more determination in me at the moment to not let it stop me doing as i please. As when i do let it controll me i feel worser. Im hoping my health anxiety stays away as when ive got headache or anything it really does play me up. Hope my headache hurrys up and goes as ive my relaxing girly night tonight.

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You are doing well donaf , feel proud my love , headache is tension hun , really is , keep telling yourself that , I no though what its like as well as health anxiety , I have terrible meds anxiety

Look forward to your girly might , it sounds lovely

Thinking about you ..eyes down now lol





Hiya donaf

Well done donaf having a game of Bingo lets hope you have a big win :). Your headaches as whywhy said is tension of how your feeling and coping with anxiety. But you have done really well enjoy the rest of the game.

Best wishes

Love Seyi xxx


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