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Better day :-)

Ive been ok today which is good, and ive took my tablet...thats a big cheer for me meaning ive been fearfull again. Ive got passed that fear once before so i can do it again. If i take my tablet everyday it will be better then hit and missing it. So this moment in time im going to try and do it as they are there to help my anxiety and depression. Im fed up of letting it take over me, ive gotta take the rough with the smooth. If ive gotta blog every nite again to help me stop feeling anxious once ive took my tablet then i will. It really did help me last time with the help off whywhy and everybody else (thanx everybody). I felt like i was going back into the circle of anxiety, and just cudnt stop thinking about anxiety. Now i feel abit more positve in myself and realise that theres only me that can either let it take over me again or say right anxiety, u want to be with me then i will let u. U want to give me all ur symptoms then do it but u wont get the better of me anymore. I want to do more with my family, it will be the summer holidays soon to so i want to be able to take the kids out without thinking what if the anxiety comes? Well it can come if it wants, no more fighting it just let it be.

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Hi Donaf,

Yes it is good to have a good day, take each day , it about I am told living in the moment ,

Its called mindfulness you can look it up ,, they have groups on this subject.

When I think about I going to die I think well okay got to go sometime might as well be now, so about acceptance so the fear should go when we truly accept .

However sometimes we get into the trap we can be tired etc, and it can get worse, I have found Mega B complex good , (however ask you own doctor)

I hope this helps a little B


Try this.............The minute you start think to yourself "What If" say "SO WHAT IF" the more you keep saying this the more you wont frighten yourself into anxiety.

Dont expect it to work the first few times, but if you keep saying it every time, you will really start to believe it. And why not it is true.

Good luck!


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