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I have suffered from nerves since childhood.

Lots of the problem came from hospital at a young age and remaining there for nearly two years , into those years because it was TB I didnt get as many visits from my parents as I should , this is now why children do have mum and dad while in hospital.

Its awful to get afraid feelings of dread , not being able to rest, or sleep sometimes.

I live alone and so not many people to talk to about it , and because you can show them a broken arm or something to most people they think its all in your head.

Where ever it is , its painful and awful , and I also get bad reactions to certain drugs that make me worse.

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Hi Margaret.

Sorry to hear your feeling awful,being alone is not a very nice thing,but on this site there is always someone to talk to or give you advice,everyone is so kind and helpful.Have you tried relaxation exersises to help you calm down and get to sleep I find it helps as for drugs you can only keep trying till you find one that agrees with you,take care



Hi Kenny ,

Thanks for your comments lots to do with me at the moment is wrong medication as I am suffering from nerve pain.

Its a very difficult pain to treat , and the side effects have brought back attacks for me.They are awful , yes I am starting a course in sept,, mindfulness , so i hope that helps. i am so happy to have found this B


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