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todays achievements


not blogged for a few days but trying to keep up with what going on ,,

i have really been struggling the last few weeks in fact my Bf says he has not seen me this bad for many many months .

any way i am trying to look on the bright side by not looking out of the window ,

a few days ago we said what we had acheieved i suggest another list for today .

today i .

1, remained calm when Bf got stressed

2, got out to the local folk musuem

3. gosh i really thought i could find at least 3 but i am struggling ,,

no hang on

3. i am posting on here ,

what about you all ?

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Well done Bee :)

1. went for a walk to the park.

2 did not let my depression kick me down.

3. send a message back to a very lovey lady on the site.




see we so easy forget what we have done dont we ?


Good for you for starting this off again. Have to mix a bit of positivity into the day!

Mine are:

Did a load of housework and in the process kept warm

managed to balance some radiators and get some heat in the house This afternoon .. Thinking of a new career as a plumbers mate)!

Both boring but very necessary!

friend came round for lunch

Enjoyed hearing about my sons' day after school


what is balancing radiators ?


im joining the circus balancing radiators on me ead! It is the art of using the lockshield, technical eh! ... or taking a bit off the side of rad, moving joint with a spanner to get heat to all radiator equally over the house .... been having a problem with central heating ...


Hi Bee,

Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time :( but good on you for making the positive list :)

My things are:

1) Got up feeling awake and energised instead of tired and down

2) Got into work early

3) Created my 'To do' list for the day and feeling organised.



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