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Hey guys,

Just joined today advised by @AnxietyUK on Twitter so can share my blog with you all. I currently suffer from anxiety and depression and started a blog on my road to 'happiness'. It follows what I am doing to get myself better and also has seperate articles with information I feel will help people in my situation or help their friends and family understand that little bit more.



Hope it helps


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Great site Miss Marie. I particularly like the unhelpful thinking blog, predicting the future, mind reading etc, so many of us do it ... And really helpful to see it explained In such a clear way.


Thank you :) glad you liked it. Having trouble getting the time to write at the moment but hopefully some more usefull posts soon.


ah thanks miss marie will have a read the way i feel this last couple of weeks could do with some helpful advice and support thanks :) xxxx


I'll reserve judgement. I'm in Surrey too.


I will start a course on mindfulness (you can look this up)

It seems we are sensitive and feel things , and that I dont mind , however I think we feel to much we are people who care a lot about others, and worry as well too much.

Mindfulness is about staying in the moment , I start this in september so joining this now I hope to have help by knowing I can perhaps helps such as yourself to try something , and also to get some form of comfort from yourselves by just knowing we are not alone , and this is something lots go through, the dread of night time, now i use my t v and if i have to leave it on to get some sleep I dont mind> I try to distract my thoughts as well, so now you know someone else is just like you are , in some ways we get through it , but its tough at times , i know ,, best wishes B x


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