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My Story in short

A sufferer with anxiety/panic/depression since Dec 1985.Though I hasten to add,its not been all bad in that time.I was put on citalopram in 2001 and this saw a steady improvement that carried through until 2008 when I had a very bad spell.Since then,the anxiety has slowly encroached upon my life again,until I feel as though I've gone back to how I was pre 2001.So,time to do battle again,I've just been changed from seroxat to venlafaxine.So time will tell but I got through it before so can again.Thankfully I've found a great site here :-)

Thanks, robbie

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Hi Robbie

If its any comfort to you my story is nearly identical, after the pressures of a demanding but rewarding job back in 1995 I had a breakdown and was put on citalopram. Yes it seemed to help with some of my anxiety and life usually was fairly balanced but could never say it allowed me to be off guard.

I started to slip again about 3 years ago so they changed my meds to sertraline , not sure it really improved things but just tried to get on with life, unfortunately I've walked from 2 jobs in this time and now on the sick from another.

Like you say, the battle starts again, but this time I've asked for help, all they have offered me is italk, which after waiting 2 weeks for a response and 2 phone calls to them I'm going to look else were because I know this cannot continue just popping pills.

Well Robbie, I started out to say your not alone and finished up telling you my story ! But I do believe there is some therapy in off loading .... Any time you want to do the same, I'm here to listen, take care and all the best.


Hi Steve, yes our stories do seem very similar.I'm sorry you're struggling again though,it seems the battle is never truly over is it.I think deep down we know it will always really be there,just in varying degrees.

There were times when I was on the citalopram that I started to believe I had actually got it beaten.But here we are again and every facet of my life seems to be influenced by anxiety once more.This time around though I would say it is enviromental factors playing a part.We are having all sorts of problems with our son,even to the extent that we've had to take out a harassment order against him.You read about this kind of thing where the recipient suffers in many ways,and that's often people without any form of underlying mental health problems.

Anyway mate,please take care and you feel free to offload too.I agree that it helps to know we are not alone.

Bye for now, Robbie


Hi Robbie. Sons? Tell me about 'em! Sorry you're having trouble with yours. We did too -not with your son-with ours :) We now know he has Asperger's syndrome. Always worth checking special needs.

Good luck love. You will feel better one day, I'm sure.xx

And Good luck Steve too. You sound very sensible and I hope you get the help you need soon. One good piece of advice I was given ' just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you have to do it' - it was like a flash of light and I walked out of my job.xx


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