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Health Anxiety (specifically Cancer) taking over my life :-(

It seems that as soon as i calm my anxiety another cancer scare rears its ugly head in my family :-( I dont even know any more if i make them up or if they are real!!

My mum had breast cancer 3 years ago and now has problems with a bloated stomach and what she thought was a water infection....but the doctors haven't got her urine sample results back as they have had to be sent to the hospital. My mind shoots straight to Ovarian Cancer or similar. Anxiety takes no time in hitting me full force in the face....i'm sick of it.

Why cant i be normal and just wait to see what FACTS arise!! What do i pre-empt the worst case scenario??

The anxiety stops me from doing normal things and i go in to complete shut down.

Just want to be normal again ;-( Sorry that this isnt actually a question....i just wanted to vent my frustrations as i dont feel able to talk to anyone about yet another cancer issue.


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Hi Matildea

Sorry you are so worried about your Mum...but it IS normal to be frightened when she has already had breast cancer, and perhaps you are being a bit hard on yourself? what I am trying to say is that your fear now is not irrational, you are normal....perhaps you could try to see that and not beat yourself up for being so anxious. You are still shocked that your Mum was ill 3 years now your anxiety rises very quickly when you fear she may be ill again, but if the doctor thinks it is a wee infection it probably is....

Can you write down how you feel if you don't want to talk to anyone about it at the moment..sometimes that helps but when you feel calmer perhaps you could talk about your fears..... Shall be thinking of you, please let us know how you get on, give yourself a hug ...Babushka


Thank you so much for your reply. I cant tell you how helpful it was. Sometimes you just need someone else to say something for it to sink in. My anxiety started the year my mum had breast cancer and i think i underestimate how much it effected me.

I need to allow myself to be scared sometimes and not add to the stress by 'blaming' my anxiety.

Oddly this has helped me...i don't know why but it has just made sense to me. Thank you again xx


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