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Never ends :(

There's still symptoms going strong for me even after 6 months. I keep getting palpitations and a tight throat and chest, mostly in the evening. Worse still my throat burns and I always bring up a liquid when I belch. It doesn't usually burn but it causes excess nucus. PPIs and Gaviscon Advance have no effect. Diazepan and some sleep medication don't work either. Hypnotherapy and CBT do nothing. I even broke down in tears recently and still got symptoms the next day when.I thought I felt better.

It can't possibly all be anxiety can it? Even drinking water triggers everything. :(

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i get alot of those symptoms and know how hard it is, what has your doctor had to say about it? xxxxx


The docs are clueless; I was even kept at hospital for a week and released with no diagnosis.


I've been cutting back, but the only one on that list I ever have is cake. Often these symptoms happen if I don't eat/drink anything just as much as when I do.


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