Never ends :(

There's still symptoms going strong for me even after 6 months. I keep getting palpitations and a tight throat and chest, mostly in the evening. Worse still my throat burns and I always bring up a liquid when I belch. It doesn't usually burn but it causes excess nucus. PPIs and Gaviscon Advance have no effect. Diazepan and some sleep medication don't work either. Hypnotherapy and CBT do nothing. I even broke down in tears recently and still got symptoms the next day when.I thought I felt better.

It can't possibly all be anxiety can it? Even drinking water triggers everything. :(


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  • i get alot of those symptoms and know how hard it is, what has your doctor had to say about it? xxxxx

  • The docs are clueless; I was even kept at hospital for a week and released with no diagnosis.

  • Try the galviscon original, how much galviscon would you have in a day? also do you drink fizzy drinks, coffee tea with sugar, cakes with icing on top, eat fudge type chocolate and fruit. On a daily basis do you have any of the above?

  • I've been cutting back, but the only one on that list I ever have is cake. Often these symptoms happen if I don't eat/drink anything just as much as when I do.

  • Well dont eat any cake for a couple days, drink milk with dry bread followed by gulp of gaviscon before bed. Also no jam, it can be triggered by anything with lots of sugar in it. But also, anxiety brings it on big time, stomach produces too much acid... But buy the galviscon original, the others i find makes me worse rather than better x

  • The aniseed flavour and not the peppermint one

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