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Article from a GP on ectopic heartbeats in yesterday's Mail - explaining they are harmless

I know a lot of you suffer fro health anxiety and worry about ectopic heartbeats. Thought I'd share some of an article in yesterday's Mail by their resident GP.

'ectopic heartbeats happen to us all, it's just that most of the time were unaware of them. 'ectopic' in this context means out of synch, as the condition leads to extra or skipped beats. When they are noticed, we refer to them as palpitations - you can experience them as a fluttering feeling, or a sense that the heart has missed a beat, or a sudden forceful beat. ectopic heartbeats can occur in perfectly healthy hearts, often without any cause. but they can also be triggered by a number of factors, including caffeine, alcohol or some decongestant medicines. Ectopic heartbeats are not a worry if your heart is otherwise healthy.'

Hope that helps someone and that I don't get sued for copyright!

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That's great Kaz thank you :) x


Ah thats great luv i got it last week when my heart monitor results came back and my gp said is perfectly normal and not dangerous was a little worried but thought my gp would have done something if it was but we still worry deep down thanks hun xxxx


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