Are my anxiety symptoms normal?

Hi everyone,

I just want to know if people get the same as me when an attack comes on and what people find the best things to do are. I got my first anxiety attack 3 weeks ago and went quickly to the doctors for tablets and am also going to hypnotherapy sessions. I'm having a bad day today, my heart is pounding, and I when an attack comes on I get horrible uncontrollable shakes and my chest gets very tight. I get terribly frightened and do not feel in control of anything. Can I ask what advice people can give to help me 'calm' myself during and after an attack? And to just confirm whether my symptoms are normal?


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  • Hi

    Your symptoms are very normal love be reasured on that

    Its not nice I no & so frightening , you think how can a panic attack make me feel this bad , must be something else ...but they do

    Try & accept them when they come ....tell yourself here we go , come on then I no what you are & let them come & go ...the more we can stop fearing them the less control they have over us , its hard to do , but if you can change your way of thinking , which over time will come , it works

    See it as an unwanted visitor & tell it to clear of lol

    You are not alone love

    Keep using the site & get support , things will start to get better , slowly , but they will




  • Thank you for your response and your advice, it always helps to hear that everything I'm feeling is normal. I hope that you are right and things do get better from here. I really am grateful for your response xx

  • Hello fellow sufferer,i had my first attack in the early hours of last Monday,woke up,couldnt breath,honestly thought it was the end.Guess what,im still here,tell yourself its not real,hard I know but I have started to laugh at my bad thoughts,it works to a point and gets me through.Try the breathing exercises,its hard at first but keep going,it works.

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