Does anyone ever get this?

I get missed/ectopic beats and have done for years. I just had one then that made me need to do a big intake of air when it happened. I'm just so stressed with it all. I get chest pain arm pain stabbing pain all over chest, tightness, funny throat, my chest symptoms just seem to keep increasing but I've had loads of ECGs and seen a cardiologist! It's reassuring but all these symptoms are so hard to ignore and convince myself it's anxiety cxxx

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  • Marie

    I no how you feel & how frightening these thoughts are , the feelings you experience , I understand it can be so difficult to believe this is anxiety causing them , but it is

    You have been checked & there is no way they would give you the all clear & let you go if they thought anything was wrong , would be more than their jobs were worth , you have to start to believe this hun

    Once you get your anxiety in a better place these feelings will get less , when we are anxious we tense our muscles , they are every where , in arms chest & so on , this gives these sensations

    Are you on any meds for your anxiety , maybe you should see your GP , not because of your heart , but maybe there is something they could give you to help you relax a little while you work on your anxiety

    You are OK ;)



  • I went today. They don't want to give me meds at moment n I'm trying without them. I feel chilled out and relaxed in myself that's y I find it hard to accept as anxiety, my symptoms just keep increasing. I am in bed watching tv n I have tingly hands which is new. Still have pinching pains all over body. I just don't feel anxious or panicy so annoying. Xxx

  • Hi i also have missed heart beats if its any help to you they are just enevenly beats due to anxiety

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