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Anxiety returns caught speeding

Things were just starting to pick up for the past couple of weeks,ie phased return to work,came off medications...everything has been ruined after I was caught up speeding by a police car.he said that I need to wait for a letter to arrive on what action to take...? All my symptoms have now returned and even dreading to sleep tonight...didn't know who to talk to so thought I'll just post it here...don't knw what to expect!!


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If they take action against you, you will get a fine of around £60 and 3 points on your licence. Maybe produce you're documents at the local police station. I got stopped by the police for speeding. He was a arse and the woman was really nice. That was 2006, but the other day a speed camera flashed as i went past. Waiting to see if i have got some more points. Try not to worry. It doesnt mean you are a criminal. They may not do anything. xx


Thanks for the assurance Lou but I was doing a 92 on a 70 mile motorway.


I was doing 48 in a 30. x


Thank again Lou,I've just parked the thoughts outside and just watching a movie on Netflix..I was incredibly worried as my job is in the community and the impact it may have.lets wait for the letter? Xx


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