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Better day :-)

Hi all had a better day today. Took my eldest for his appointment to have full cast on, and appointments was running at least 50mins behind. It neva bothered me but we was well bored. The youngest went to his mates house and didnt get back till four, so hes had a fun day. He was even more happy that his mates mom got him a maccies. Now my eldest as got his two mates stopping the night, and there all upstairs. So im watching the soaps in peace for once. A few anxiety symptoms but im that used to them they dont bother me as much as they did. Im still waiting for my cat to have kittens, which isnt far away by the way shes being. Plus my other halfs bothers girlfriend is having her baby on thursday (by c section) hope ur all feeling ok xxx

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ah glad to hear you had a fab day hun and well done you so proud of you:) i not been to bad today bit off balance but hey you all give me so much support would be lost with out you all thanks luv :) xxxxxx


Hi donaf , you have come along way , i see it in your posts , well done hun

I am pleased your son is ok & you have dealt with it very well indeed :-)





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