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Do i have a disorder?

When i was a teenager i started sweating badly my hands my face everywere i thought it was jus the joys of puberty. Buy as i got older it got worse i do ave a job but i sweat alot all the time if people talk to me i blush i feel lyk my heart is goin to jump out my pulse is racing my hands sweat i get sweat marks my face sweats .i find it hard meetn new people as am very quiet stay in the back round i hate goin in to shops my self gettin the bus myself walkn past people i just feel embrassd and its stoping me from doin things i want to i want to go back to tech to beter myself i want to join the gym but i just get really nervous i dont no wat to do :-(

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Hi gall. im not a dr so dnt like 2 diagnose people as is dangerous territy but in sayin so it does sound like social phobia, my 14yr old daughter who is on autistic spectrum has this bad so ive read up a lot on this + u do hav all the classic syptoms. hav u ever bin 2 drs about this? + i also think that maybe a confidence course might b the bst way forwards + plse blieve me u dnt need 2 suffer alone wiv this, u hav all ur life ahead of u. r u on antidepressants as these work bst in conjunction wiv therapy 4 social phobias. kindest regards leeanne.x


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