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do i have postnatal anxiety?

My little girl is 5 weeks old and everyday I worry about death, what happens when we die, what would happen to her if i die, what if my partner dies. Is this a normal thing or do i have a problem, i think about it so much i cry. Is it normal to have these thoughts? I had a traumatizing birth resulting in an emergency c section and being put to sleep.

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I've always had a bit of an irrational fear about stuff like that, but it did get a lot worse after I had PPD and anxiety, talk to the doctor as soon as possible even if you think you sound crazy. Mine went untreated and it's spiralled out of control.


Hi, I don't normally reply on these things, but your story is so similar to mine it almost made me cry to think I'm not alone. I also had a traumatic birth and had an emergency c section followed by weeks of infections. It wasn't a very good time. My son is now 4 months and for the last 3 I've been obsessing over death, it started with me being worried about something happening to my son and then escalated. I can't go a day without thinking about my own death, death of family members and my partner. I feel like I'm going mad and I know it's completely irrational!! I've made an appointment to see my GP as I think talking about it will help and the fears are starting to interfere with my day to day life. I've read that postnatal anxiety is more common than people think


Hi I just wanted to tell you my story as I went through this too. I've always been terribly anxious. I had two good pregnancies and felt really well,the best I've ever felt. My first birth was extremely traumatic that was 16 years ago. The first week after I had my daughter I had severe exhaustion then the anxiety kicked in big time. It was truly awful,I lost all confidence in myself until I couldn't function. I had to have treatment anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs. Two years later I got pregnant again and felt very well again. Straight after a caesarean birth this time I got unwell again. I think it's normal to have a fair amount of anxiety when you have a baby it does turn your world around,it's when it starts to get out of control you need to take action. Would say an appt with your doctor would be the first port of call. Please don't suffer. It can be treated and you have to get as much rest as you can,hard I know when you have a baby but this is when you really need your family. My mum and dad were brilliant.

Look after yourself.


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