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No sleep and pain at night

I usually only get pains at night it's weird when I am trying to sleep I feel like I am gettin wound up inside and gettin realy tight also feel like I am vibrating inside its soo horrible I only got sleep at half past 5 in the morn I always feel like I am dieing or of some sort when I can't feel or hear my pulse I get worried and I no your not ment to hear it lol !x I ring my doc nealy everyday and ther putting me back on mirtazapine anyone been on these meds?

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Hi luv i know how you feel and its nice to know someone else feels the same i have been dreading going to bed i get exactly the same feelings as you its scary i am on citalopram and not sure if they are working yet still feeling anxious its a horrible feeling but not been on same meds as you let me know how you go xxx


Anxiety at night is awful , in the day you no GP is open & you can get there easier , more noise , people about , daylight then its night & everything goes quite & dark and when you try to go to sleep its there anxiety waiting for you !!!!

I no its hard to keep motivated in the day , but i have found if I can wear myself out , then wait till I am sooo tired before I go to bed , have tv on in background , radio , read a book , it does help , i was & still can be even though I am not as bad at night now like you describe , but have realised I need to make sure I am tired before I attempt to go to sleep

Ask yourself all the nights you have worried , you are still here , so its anxiety , night time anxiety you are getting , it wont kill you as nasty as it feels

Come on site do anything to keep your mind occupied till you are so tired , whatever you do , dont try to sleep before yoy are ready

Hope the new meds work & this will get better ;)





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