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No sleep


Hi guys not been to sleep yet I'm so tired and mY brain ia working over time, I'm up at 6'30 with my son for school so no sleep for me I feel like crying cos I've done so well

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Hang in there. I've been there too, such an awful feeling like desperation. Stay positive, take deep breaths and know that when your body and mind tires you will get some rest.

Good morning! This is a little speed bump in the road drive over it and u will get there! U have been so positive and influencing past few days to make people see we can do it! Take 1 hr 1 min 1 day at a time! Doesn't have to mean all is lost, everyone has bad/off days even people without anxiety so don't panic too much. Come on girl you can do this! Like u said ur in control of this and not the other way round! Lots of positive hugs and loves xxxxxxxxxxx


Morning Claire

Been one of those nights for me as well. I woke up with my lower back aching and my mind a racing away.

I have a full day of things to do today as well.

So you are not alone in feeling this way.

Gardener x

what up are in your brain when your cannot sleep and struggle on the bed. Any images or incidents came up in your mind at that moment? Please tell me a little bite more.

Claire1981 in reply to marco2007

Hi every one thanks for the comments well I did drop off and I've mush up now with dry throat and im so tired


Hi Claire

Sorry you had a bad night

Can you rest a bit today just to take the edge of

You have been doing really well like others have already said & we have to expect these little blips as they do happen

Be kind to yourself today :-)




Claire1981 in reply to Hidden

Thanks why why I'm still laid in bed but head starts so I keep popping on here having a read

Hidden in reply to Claire1981

Glad you are resting , it will have shook you up & especially because you have been doing so well it comes as a shock when we have these little blips as there can be no warning or reason but it will pass again :-)


I feel the same Claire I'm getting a few hours a night at most. Have you read up on sleep hygine? I make sure it's as dark as possible now. Have a hot bath and a warn Drink it seems to be working abit :) x

I will read up on it now really low today crying no energy had enough now, xx

I hated it when I couldnt sleep but my medication seems to knock me out at night. I hope you get some sleep. I was going to suggest the warm drink and bath aswell it does help x

Hi Jojo I have tablets to take at night but I don't taken cos I don't want to be knocked out xxx

Abita721 in reply to Claire1981

Hello there,

I also struggle with insomnia, so my doctor suggested sleep hygene. It didn't help me much, but that's because I have issues with lack of willpower and not sticking to things. Despite this, I think sleep hygene makes a lot of sense and it might work for you. It's a bit too long for me to write it here, but I'm sure you can find it online. I hope it helps.

Claire1981 in reply to Abita721

Thanks abita721 I will look online and give it ago, and see if it helps me x

Hey know how u feel I had a day like that the other day there and cried the full day hope your ok xx

Hi I've just had a bath made a salad and I think I will get in bed watch some TV, just think Im too tired and every pain twinge I feel and starts my mind off again but I will stay positive xxx

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