My first GP appointment do I tell him the truth on what I do or did ?

Big mistake this year as i should have cancelled my annual pilgrimage to Australia to see my family , I always go the day after boxing day and return the end of January , this year my panic attacks have been more uncontrollable and more frequent , to over come the long flight i decided to take night nurse capsules with a few vodka chasers and it sort of like worked and knocked me out on both the flights there and back , what I'm basically asking is should i keep this little bad secret to my self and not mention it as I'm not proud of it , or is it part of the daily experience of someone with panic attacks .... or if i did mention this would the GP lock me up throw away the key ?


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  • Always tell your GP. I'm sure he/she's heard it all before. Many people relax themselves before flying, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Try not to be so hard on yourself, it really doesn't help. Just keep an eye on how much you self medicate with alcohol. It's very common behaviour but it's counter-productive in the end and can rattle the nervous system badly, believe me you don't want to add alcohol dependence to the mix. Go bare your soul to your doctor, you'll feel better and he/she'll be able to help you more effectively.

  • Cheers mate , it's good of you to take the time to help ... Thankyou

  • You're welcome.

  • No they won't lock you up and to be honest thats nothing much.

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