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The dreaded hearing

Hi all, anyone else had to endure the dreaded medical appeal hearing? After being took off the sick last January I fought my corner to have it looked at again, last jan I received a home visit from the atos rep to give me a medical, yeah right!!!! The guy was rude and obnoxious and was not interested in my mental state, anyway, as a sufferer of extreme agoraphobia and anxiety I was told I was fit to work, considering I can't do public places or public transport this will be a miracle!! After a year I have to attend an appeal hearing, I have hardly slept, anxiety is through the roof and how the hell am I going to attend this, the thought if sitting in a room being judged and questions is making me physically sick, wot do I do?????

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Ah I really feel for you....I havent had to go through an appeal and I am able to go out so I cant help there really,,,, but just want to send you happy thoughts and lots of love and I hope you have someone to help support you through this ordeal?!!




I feel for you on this , I suffer the same as you , just filled in my atos forms , but even though maybe I shouldnt , I have a feeling I could be where you are soon , its a disgrace !

hope you have someone to go with you , I no its still hard , but they will see the state you are in & let them !!!

make sure you have as much back up , gp notes everything possible

It seems they do this to most as wrong as it is , but most win their appeals as well , try & hang on to that thought i understand you not sleeping , I jump every time the letter box goes already !!!

Hope someone will come along later that can give better advise , just wanted to let you no , you are not on your own with this

Keep posting , everyone will help you get through this & you will , we have to !

Thinking about you


whywhy xxx


Hello Jade,

ATOS have got the most terrible reputation haven't they ? and they deserve it as well!! The way they word things are utterly wrong, just wrong. Just remember love that the Appeal Board are made up of solicitors, doctors, all professional people who basically are on your side. They don't get brownie points for refusing you like Atos do. Yes let them see what this disgusting firm have done to you as whywhy says, take someone with you, have copies made of any documents and if you haven't already get some good advice from Citizens Advice. If you can speak on the phone? I know sometimes I can't. Bless you love, try not to be scared, they are a damn nusiance Lots of Love x Ella x


Thanku so much for ur replies on this, it's good to know I'm not alone, I will keep uz updated on what happens, thanx again xxx


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